Universal Crossword Answers January 10, 2022

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Author: by Paul Coulter


Angel hair topper? HALO
“The Little Mermaid” prince ERIC
Divvy up SPLIT
Like a desert ARID
Govt. agents FEDS
Snap, crackle or pop NOISE
It’s good news in a tight U.K. housing market to ___/It’s bad news for a motorist to ___ HAVEAFLAT
Church instrument ORGAN
Midge Maisel’s dad ABE
Rachel’s biblical sister LEAH
Not this THAT
It’s good news in the dating scene to ___/It’s bad news in a competition to ___ MEETYOURMATCH
Ties up tightly TRUSSES
Golf ball-sized precipitation, sometimes HAIL
Opposite of difficulty EASE
Says “Aye” to, like a bill VOTESFOR
Shapiro of NPR ARI
“Company” composer Sondheim STEPHEN
Kerfuffle ADO
Piano students’ performances RECITALS
Boast CROW
Salt, to a chemist NACL
Roof beams RAFTERS
It’s good news on a deep-sea mission to ___/It’s bad news for an unethical person to ___ SINKTOANEWLOW
Turning point? KNOB
Other, in Spanish OTRA
End of an ___ ERA
Admired people IDOLS
It’s good news for an actor to hear ___/It’s bad news for an athlete to ___ BREAKALEG
Opposite of major MINOR
No. 2 ASST
Swiss painter Paul KLEE
Take care of SEETO
Understands GETS
Doesn’t just assume ASKS


“Lol good one!” HAHA
The “A” of UAE ARAB
Entertainment at a jazz club LIVEMUSIC
Tribute poem ODE
Like a snob EFFETE
Track events with batons RELAYS
State known for its potatoes IDAHO
Chicago winter hrs. CST
___-Caps SNO
Some sci-fi entryways PORTALS
Unlike a tome, in two ways LIGHT
Actor Oscar ISAAC
J’s position in the alphabet TENTH
Pub drinks ALES
Opposite of WNW ESE
“Here comes trouble!” UHOH
Give the star treatment? RATE
Appearance MIEN
One of two on the crying-with-laughter emoji TEAR
Seldom-seen RARE
They might report to CEOS VPS
Litter box emanation ODOR
Column counterparts ROWS
“Now!” STAT
Food with an edible shell TACO
“___ Enchanted” (2004 film) ELLA
Rorschach image INKBLOT
Assess again RETEST
“Dagnabbit!” AWRATS
Harsh criticism FLAK
Quickly reads SKIMS
Like Sundance films INDIE
Everybody’s opposite NOONE
Like Odin and Thor NORSE
Need a bath badly REEK
A long, long time AGES
Sold-out show sign SRO
Tote, e.g. BAG
Letters before a stage name AKA
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