Universal Crossword Answers January 16, 2022

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Author: by Michael Schlossberg


Touch and go? VERBS
Acrobat’s safety item NET
What a cryptogram is written in CODE
Message sent with a click EMAIL
Earth’s is made of iron and nickel CORE
Ice skating jump AXEL
First-person reporting style popularized by Hunter S. Thompson GONZOJOURNALISM
Biblical boat ARK
Oscars adjective BEST
Lost traction SLID
NASDAQ alternative NYSE
Dirty work? SMUT
Burn with water SCALD
Part of a flight STAIR
Go out for a bit? NAP
___ pickle INA
Mints in a clear box TICTACS
Track on a Lil Nas X album, e.g. RAPSONG
And so on, for short ETC
Luau bowlful POI
“Hamilton” won 11 in 2016 TONYS
Side dish named for a New York hotel WALDORFSALAD
Surly growl SNARL
Freebie that might hold other freebies TOTE
Sound-boosting gear AMPS
“Othello” villain IAGO
Heaps TONS
Pie ___ mode ALA
Many a cat or dog COMPANIONANIMAL
Skedaddle FLEE
Stick with it! TAPE
Circle the Earth ORBIT
Roulette statistic ODDS
A’s point value in Scrabble ONE
Magical legumes in “Into the Woods” BEANS


What a V on a menu might stand for VEGAN
University in Atlanta EMORY
Puts in order of preference RANKS
Line of work, informally BIZ
Unideal roommate for a neatnik SLOB
Sign at an intersection NOUTURN
Play an F instead of an F#, say ERR
Perfect scores for gymnasts TENS
Tricolor kitty CALICO
Process that creates rust OXIDATION
___ Moines, Iowa DES
Stately tree ELM
Pink cocktail, for short COSMO
“The Sun Is ___ a Star” (Yoon novel) ALSO
Send out EMIT
Ruler of old Russia TSAR
Singer Kravitz LENNY
Progresses s-l-o-w-l-y DRAGS
” … ___ lack thereof” ORA
Tax prep pro CPA
Goulash and burgoo, e.g. STEWS
Industry giant TITAN
Strongly praised ACCLAIMED
Emergency contact, for short? CPR
Like some pretzels and taco shells SOFT
School grp. with no children in it PTA
Drink at a pizza party, often SODA
Alternative form of an element ISOTOPE
They’re often drawn in the evening DRAPES
YouTube star Kay OLGA
Seek forgiveness ATONE
Singer/activist Horne LENA
Venomous African snake MAMBA
No-frills PLAIN
Seasons, like fries SALTS
Aware of ONTO
Hoity-toity person SNOB
Corporate $$$ exec CFO
“I was today years ___ when …” OLD
Actor McKellen IAN
“Seeing red” feeling IRE
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