Universal Crossword Answers January 17, 2022

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Author: by Zachary David Levy


Skewed view BIAS
Small globs DABS
Hard precipitation HAIL
Black tea type PEKOE
Money in Seville EURO
Burn-soothing gel ALOE
Fry’s love interest on “Futurama” LEELA
*Perch from which you might hear “Land ho!” CROWSNEST
“I’ve got it!” AHA
“You almost got me!” NICETRY
“White Teeth” author Smith ZADIE
*Issue that can be blown out of proportion, idiomatically MOLEHILL
Discourage DETER
“Later!” CIAO
Navigate some moguls SKI
1978 comedy set at Faber College, and a clue to this puzzle’s theme ANIMALHOUSE
Georgia’s capital: Abbr. ATL
Name hidden in “barbecue sauce” ESAU
Resort town in Alberta BANFF
*Hostile place LIONSDEN
Person to learn the ropes from MENTOR
Coming-out exclamation, sometimes IMGAY
Emergency chopper? FIREAXE
Show contempt toward SNEERAT
Org. for top students NHS
*Shape of some windshield cracks SPIDERWEB
Noble gas used in lasers ARGON
Grammy winner Alessia CARA
Restaurant freebie served in a basket ROLL
Jacqueline du Pre’s instrument CELLO
Syria’s neighbor to the east IRAQ
___ terrier SKYE
Fencing blade EPEE


*Busy place BEEHIVE
Marketing booklet with assemble-it-yourself furniture IKEACATALOG
Yahoo! alternative AOL
Briny expanse SEA
Openly denounce DECRY
Indefinable vibe AURA
It might be furrowed BROW
Piglets’ mothers SOWS
Comedian Gadsby HANNAH
Pub order ALE
Apple core? IOS
“___ it go already!” LET
Smoothed PLANED
S, M or L, on a tag, e.g. SIZE
Some ICU staff members DRS
Plot of the Bible? EDEN
Actress Hatcher TERI
Separate, like cables DISENTANGLE
Type ILK
Manning who retired in 2020 ELI
Italian fashion capital MILAN
Hawaii’s “Gathering Place” OAHU
Where to go in London? LOO
Instance CASE
___ school MED
Rideshare option UBER
Reasonable SANE
Comedian Wong ALI
Lyricist and EGOT winner Rice TIM
*Shelter on the front lines FOXHOLE
City in the San Joaquin Valley FRESNO
Where AAPL and AMZN trade NASDAQ
“Auld Lang ___” SYNE
“Good Will Hunting” university MIT
Tale from Aesop FABLE
Flubs up ERRS
Furry “Star Wars” creature EWOK
Depend (on) RELY
Sch. subject with a lab SCI
Number for a golf hole PAR
Savings plan initials IRA
Get an A+ on ACE
Exercise unit REP
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