Universal Crossword Answers July 01, 2020

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Author: by George Jasper


Excel command SORT
“Twilight” heroine BELLA
Like JFK and LAX: Abbr. INTL
Ancestry.com diagram TREE
Criticizes severely FLAYS
Nuclear reactor part CORE
Best Actor winner for “Network” PETERFINCH
Prince William’s alma mater ETON
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
Towel possessive HERS
The “O” in XO HUG
“___ & World Report” USNEWS
Cry one’s eyes out WEEP
Picnic crasher ANT
“All in the Family” creator Norman LEAR
Where meals and deals go down POWERLUNCH
Actress Russell of “The Americans” KERI
Correct way to sing ONKEY
They turn blue litmus paper red ACIDS
They turn red litmus paper blue BASES
James ___ Garfield ABRAM
Well-off RICH
Support for a key player? PIANOBENCH
Shirts and such TOPS
Poetic planet ORB
Banana bread additions NUTS
Herb with white flowers YARROW
Subj. such as ecology SCI
Tolkien monster ORC
Car dealer’s contract LEASE
Become slushy, say THAW
Chemically neutral, or a hint to 17-, 29- and 41-Across PHBALANCED
Two-time host of “The Tonight Show” LENO
Like “The Raven” EERIE
Board game with secret passages CLUE
Place to fill up in Canada ESSO
“Better Call Saul,” e.g. DRAMA


Minnesota Wild’s city STPAUL
End of an ultimatum ORELSE
Site for rods and cones RETINA
Balance unsteadily TEETER
Texter’s good bud BFF
Manning who retired in 2020 ELI
PC-to-PC connection LAN
Nutlike Chinese fruit LYCHEE
More full of volcanic powder ASHIER
On thin ___ ICE
Polite refusal NOTHANKS
Defeat handily TROUNCE
Drawn out, as a filibuster LENGTHY
Column’s opposite ROW
Bath sound SPLOSH
Did 35 in a 25, say SPED
Conflict that ended on Nov. 11, 1918 WWI
40-Down workplaces ORS
“Le Monde” article? UNE
Japanese garment KIMONO
Spirited horses ARABIANS
“What more ___ I say?” CAN
Wite-Out manufacturer BIC
Like sore biceps ACHY
One of a biblical 12 APOSTLE
Trees in a Frost poem BIRCHES
Hosp. caretakers RNS
Was uncouth at the dinner table BURPED
One may make art on glass ETCHER
Long ditch TRENCH
Delphi prophet ORACLE
Charlatan POSEUR
Stockholm natives SWEDES
___ carte ALA
Court romantically WOO
Garment with a training variety BRA
Hoped-for outcome AIM
___ & Perrins LEA
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