Universal Crossword Answers July 06, 2020

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Author: by Emily Carroll


Collector’s items? DEBTS
Attempt, metaphorically STAB
Palindromic Swedish group ABBA
Elite group of celebrities ALIST
Pacific predator ORCA
Very, in Versailles TRES
Ravi Shankar’s instrument SITAR
Signaled CUED
Cones’ counterparts RODS
Nickname for a royal electronics whiz? PRINCESSDIODE
Red-beet connection ASA
Video stream FEED
See the light, perhaps? AWAKEN
Refrain from FORBEAR
Suffix for meth- or prop- ANE
Summer hrs. in Somerville EDT
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
Damaged, as a fender DENTED
Homes with old laundry devices? WASHBOARDABODES
Relative of Bumble TINDER
Add to the payroll HIRE
Commit perjury LIE
Grammy winner Lil ___ X NAS
Adjective on many Whole Foods labels ORGANIC
Wearing tattered clothes INRAGS
Third child in the Jackson family TITO
Comprehend GET
Status for a road that’s on fire? STREETCODERED
Drag queens’ neckwear BOAS
Minuscule amount IOTA
Devices that once had click wheels IPODS
“I’m ___ your tricks!” ONTO
Show appreciation for a concert CLAP
Start of a choosing rhyme EENIE
Half-moon tide NEAP
Brown seaweed KELP
Kingly REGAL


Courtroom figs. DAS
Yalie ELI
Cameos and such BITPARTS
Ivan the Terrible, for one TSAR
Conflict STRIFE
Fathers who attend all their kids’ games, say SOCCERDADS
Aligned TRUED
Top-notch pitchers ACES
2003 film about a Christmas Eve con BADSANTA
Heart chambers ATRIA
Shields of “Suddenly Susan” BROOKE
Lay somewhere to sleep, with “down” BEDDED
Give the nod ASSENT
Teachers’ grp. NEA
Not-so-popular sort DWEEB
Three or four AFEW
Cubs legend Sammy SOSA
Chiang Mai currency BAHT
Download for a Galaxy ANDROIDAPP
Poet’s “previously” ERE
Middle Eastern capital where Al Jazeera is based DOHA
Watch a whole season in one sitting, e.g. BINGE
Like some fair fare ONASTICK
Delivery notice? DINGDONG
Buffalo’s lake ERIE
Religious offshoot SECT
Westernmost capital on the European mainland LISBON
List of mistakes ERRATA
I-95, e.g. RTE
More deserving of an R rating, perhaps GORIER
“The Fox and the Grapes” fable writer AESOP
Add up TOTAL
___ Haan COLE
Dueling blade EPEE
One of 31 in julio DIA
Salt for Marie Antoinette SEL
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