Universal Crossword Answers July 21, 2021

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Author: by Adrian Johnson


Lists of social media posts FEEDS
Chew like a beaver GNAW
“___ that nice?” ISNT
Pin point? LAPEL
Unleavened Indian bread ROTI
Leavened Indian bread NAAN
Make reparations ATONE
Lots (of) ATON
Cut with an X-Acto knife SLIT
Reminisce about the good old days WAXSENTIMENTAL
Where swine recline STY
Rainer Maria Rilke or Audre Lorde POET
Unwelcome campground visitor BEAR
Change from red to green, say? DYE
Road goo TAR
The “Y” of YOLO YOU
Suva’s island country FIJI
Intense concentration LASERFOCUS
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Certain craft beer, briefly IPA
Acid’s counterpart BASE
Mollusks with long shells RAZORCLAMS
Goes (for) OPTS
Area between the Koreas: Abbr. DMZ
Sister of the moon goddess Selene EOS
Great Basin native UTE
Chaotic accumulation HEAP
Disgusting VILE
Garment with cups BRA
Predicament that might be avoided using the starts of 20-, 34- and 41-Across? HAIRYSITUATION
Zebra’s neck hair MANE
Campers’ beds, often COTS
Pop, as a bubble BURST
Longish skirt MIDI
First gentleman? ADAM
Aconcagua is their highest peak ANDES
“In addition …” ALSO
“Tall” story TALE
Like tonic water GASSY


Imperfections FLAWS
Irritate to no end EATAT
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Places to hibernate DENS
Dwarf who’s always drowsy SLEEPY
Shred, like cheese GRATE
Cry before a game of tag NOTIT
Electron’s place ATOM
Where to sit back and enjoy a flight? WINEBAR
Photo-sharing platform, for short INSTA
Spending concern in pro sports SALARYCAP
It gets hammered NAIL
Explosive stuff, briefly TNT
Christmas, in France NOEL
Spongy toy brand NERF
T. rex, for instance DINO
Storm, Sky or Sun TEAM
Remove from power OUST
Puts to work USES
Company behind the Model T FORD
Muslim leader IMAM
Dance move that some call “webbing” JAZZHANDS
Is sick AILS
Self-care destination SPA
Reedy woodwind OBOE
Bring up, as young REAR
Unoriginal individual COPYCAT
“Star Trek” lieutenant SULU
Leaves hanging by a thread? TEABAG
Refrain in a farm song EIEIO
Crucial VITAL
Knocker’s identifying words ITSME
Jays, e.g. BIRDS
Valentine’s Day bundle ROSES
Not sitting well? ANTSY
Greet with acclaim HAIL
Sprite Ginger, e.g. SODA
Sushi fish TUNA
Cage fighting sport: Abbr. MMA
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