Universal Crossword Answers July 23, 2021

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Author: by Mark Valdez and Brooke Husic


Interject ADD
Coarse sound, vocally RASP
Walk in water WADE
Shape of a Slinky COIL
Killer whale ORCA
Milky gem OPAL
David Sedaris piece ESSAY
How a strict parent may seem MEAN
Chooses OPTS
Place to find queens CHESSSET
“Pushing Daisies” star Pace LEE
Spanish bills EUROS
Possessed OWNED
Six-pack muscles ABS
Name, in Paris NOM
Zodiac ram ARIES
Holds tightly (to) CLINGS
Papa’s partner, say DADA
Pond carp KOI
Not sharp DULL
Video surveillance device SPYCAM
Feeling like 🙂 HAPPY
Toddler in “Monsters, Inc.” with a scary name BOO
Angsty rock subgenre EMO
“The Princess Diaries” star Andrews JULIE
They’re sold in briquettes COALS
Public transport option BUS
Place to find Queens NEWYORKCITY
The “A” in MFA ARTS
Damage from a fender bender DENT
Six-time Tony winner McDonald AUDRA
Playbill listing ROLE
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
Breakfast or dinner MEAL
Sketched or doodled DREW
Lost traction SLID
Gibbon, e.g. APE


Got a perfect score on ACED
Prescribed amount DOSE
The “D” in CD DISC
“You’ve Got Mail” movie genre ROMCOM
Villain in “The Lion King” SCAR
Jewelry brand specializing in charm bracelets PANDORA
“Yay!” WOO
Condiment with latkes APPLESAUCE
Out of style DATED
“Do it or ___!” ELSE
Erie or Huron LAKE
Like a puppy or kitten YOUNG
Natural ‘dos FROS
Drink from a flask SWIG
“Back in Black” band ACDC
Pretty meh BLAH
Income source outside of one’s day job SIDEHUSTLE
“thank u, next” singer Grande, to fans ARI
___ spray (certain decongestant) NASAL
Morse code character DOT
Chowder mollusk CLAM
Red Sesame Street resident ELMO
Lock’s partner KEY
Twirl SPIN
Popular swimsuits on Fire Island SPEEDOS
Skyrocket SOAR
Czech dance POLKA
Kicked out BOOTED
One of 12 on a courtroom panel JUROR
“Kinky Boots” lyricist Lauper CYNDI
Layer of gunk SCUM
The ___ (Shakespeare’s nickname) BARD
“I hope this email finds you ___.” WELL
Word after “bright” or “bad” IDEA
Hip-hop subgenre that rhymes with a hip-hop genre TRAP
New Haven Ivy YALE
Stitch SEW
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