Universal Crossword Answers June 04, 2021

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Author: by Jessica Zetzman


Things that may be jam-packed? [#UniversalXwordPride] JARS
Secret supply STASH
Gem prized in China JADE
Toddler’s reaction to an oopsie UHOH
Try, as beer TASTE
Ready for customers OPEN
Values in a set DATA
Place to exchange vows ALTAR
Provide temporarily LEND
*”Help me, ___. You’re my only hope.” (Leia) OBIWANKENOBI
Iguana, for instance LIZARD
“I’ve got this” LETME
Decompose ROT
D.C. MLB player NAT
Pop star known for her wigs SIA
Towing org. AAA
Lacking skill INEPT
*Gradually BITBYBIT
Boring BLAH
You could have many in the “fire” IRONS
“Legally Blonde” protagonist Woods ELLE
*Korean rice bowl BIBIMBAP
___ pinch INA
Parisian pal AMI
Airport safety org. TSA
Alcohol-free DRY
Sara’s partner in indie pop TEGAN
Largest hot desert SAHARA
*What’s celebrated on September 23 to prevent an identity’s erasure, or a hint to the pair of prefixes in each starred answer BIVISIBILITY
Active starter? INTER
Operatic solo ARIA
Employs USES
Impulse transmitter NERVE
Perseverance rover’s location MARS
Suitcase labels TAGS
Some native Nebraskans OTOES
Largest digits in binary ONES


Japanese martial art JUDO
“Moby-Dick” captain AHAB
Indian flatbread ROTI
Cardigan collar style SHAWL
Poet’s subsection STANZA
Mansplain, e.g. TALKAT
Fall bloomer ASTER
Doubles (for) STANDSIN
Any frontline worker HERO
Angelina of “Gia” JOLIE
Monkey’s relative APE
Bear home DEN
One might be split or bitter END
“___ that somethin’?” AINT
Spill the beans BLAB
Saved for a future meeting TABLED
Junk pamphlet MAILER
Place to grab a bite EATERY
Frog sound RIBBIT
Browsing memes, say ONLINE
Steeped pouch TEABAG
Every dog has ___ day ITS
Letter before chi PHI
Conk on the noggin BOP
“And” or “not” follower YET
Tech company nicknamed Big Blue IBM
Chocolaty morsel at the movies RAISINET
Fingernail treatment, for short MANI
Garment often worn with a choli SARI
Buffalo hockey team SABRES
Vast void ABYSS
Commercial prefix for “Turf” ASTRO
“Remember the ___!” ALAMO
Glassful in Roma VINO
Persia, today IRAN
Grow bored (of) TIRE
“___ queen!” YASS
Not in the closet OUT
Intel-gathering grp. NSA
Part of a journey LEG
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