Universal Crossword Answers June 05, 2021

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Author: by Jeff Eddings


Gig economy transport [#UniversalXwordPride] RIDESHARE
Plotting group CABAL
Honda’s luxury division ACURA
Not in a dorm OFFCAMPUS
___ curl (arm day exercise) BICEP
Wee one TOT
Vaulted buildings? BANKS
Disrespectful RUDE
Power (ahead) FORGE
Starts working on HASAT
Like old pizza STALE
___-la-la TRA
Kemper of “The Office” ELLIE
Gas valves in engines THROTTLES
B-school subject ECON
Amanda Gorman verses POEMS
Major fault RIFT
Up to try something, paradoxically DOWNFORIT
Tattoo removal device LASER
Feeling blue SAD
In ___ (before birth) UTERO
Starting lines? INTRO
Romulus’ brother REMUS
Low pair in poker TWOS
An arm and a leg, literally LIMBS
Bread sometimes served with curry NAAN
Musical measure BAR
Work of fiction NOVEL
Chocolate whose shape may have been inspired by the Matterhorn TOBLERONE
Sherlock Holmes foil Adler IRENE
Position that requires a red suit MALLSANTA
Bookish people NERDS
Chile con queso, for example CHEESEDIP


Total hoot RIOT
The lowdown INFO
___ Punk (music duo until 2021) DAFT
Key to get out? ESC
Hot and sticky HUMID
Establishments with Genius Bars APPLESTORES
Defeat decisively ROUT
Places to receive acute care: Abbr. ERS
Josephine Baker performance CABARET
Scoring 100% on ACING
One may include skydiving BUCKETLIST
Counterpart of Mars ARES
57-Across visitor’s seat LAP
Western ties BOLOS
Actor Wilson RAINN
Local, as food FARMTOTABLE
Takes to heart HEEDS
Giant aluminum company ALCOA
Right-lane motorist, often SLOWDRIVER
Possessive pronoun preference THEIR
Send to a specialist REFER
Prefix for “physics” ASTRO
Non-cis TRANS
Oval Office VIP POTUS
Loses it on the field? FUMBLES
You may hear her roar LIONESS
Correct, as text EMEND
Lonely Pixar robot WALLE
Old stories LORE
Trevor of “The Daily Show” NOAH
Atomic connection BOND
Prefix for “body” ANTI
Harvest REAP
“Henry and June” diarist Anais NIN
Alternative to SHO TMC
“Insecure” star Issa RAE
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