Universal Crossword Answers June 06, 2021

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Author: by Nate Cardin


Word on a canceled check [#UniversalXwordPride] VOID
Witches’ concoction BREW
Soccer icon Wambach ABBY
Bought into a poker game ANTED
Solemn pledge OATH
Seconds or thirds, but not firsts MORE
Electric car brand TESLA
“___ upon a time …” ONCE
Revise EDIT
Rock-solid defense for a suspect (note this answer’s rightmost 2 letters) AIRTIGHTALIBI
Texting format, for short SMS
Drained of color WAN
Provokes RILES
He conquered Mount Everest with Edmund Hillary (rightmost 3 letters) TENZINGNORGAY
Another time AGAIN
Double Stuf ___ OREO
Engrossed RAPT
Impressed, and how! WOWED
“High Voltage” band ACDC
Uber alternative TAXI
One might seat you at a lesbian wedding USHER
What’s all around you (rightmost 3 letters) PERSONALSPACE
New, in Spanish NUEVO
“The Matrix” role NEO
As you read this clue NOW
Amount of time you can focus on this clue, say (rightmost 3 letters) ATTENTIONSPAN
Plant with spores FERN
Prefix for “erotic” HOMO
Vowel-heavy swords EPEES
Jogging pace TROT
Not at home AWAY
Nick of “Cape Fear” NOLTE
Feels unwell AILS
Military conflicts WARS
H.S. junior’s exam, often PSAT


Brewery container VAT
What I may represent? ONE
“Piece of cake!” ITSASNAP
Sandwich shop DELI
Voicing one’s disapproval BOOING
Called up RANG
___ A Sketch ETCH
Stimulate, as an appetite WHET
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Physical BODILY
Illegal payment BRIBE
Legendary Himalayans YETIS
Naturalist with a theory on evolution DARWIN
Light brown TAN
2012 movie that won Best Picture ARGO
The sun, for example STAR
___ Millions MEGA
Bit of acne ZIT
Like a hopeless situation NOWIN
Underground deposit ORE
Color of the Scarlet Witch’s magic RED
Used to be WAS
Kitchen gadget brand OXO
Cleopatra’s snake ASP
Changing them takes little effort CHANNELS
Art ___ (building style) DECO
Team of workers CREW
1982 Disney film with a 2010 sequel TRON
Tournament in which Serena Williams has a record 102 wins USOPEN
Gasoline, in England PETROL
Happenings EVENTS
“___ Miserables” LES
’90s commerce pact NAFTA
Where embryos develop UTERI
Defrost THAW
State named after a Siouan tribe IOWA
“House” actor Epps OMAR
Per item APOP
LAX posting ETA
“Quiet on the ___!” SET
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