Universal Crossword Answers June 08, 2021

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Author: by Catherine Cetta


Fence opening [#UniversalXwordPride] GATE
Beet’s leafy relative CHARD
Unreturnable serve ACE
Amazon assistant ALEXA
Blender setting PUREE
Ewe’s mate RAM
Words in a salad description MIXEDGREENS
“I don’t need to know this,” in 3-Down TMI
Has a meal at home EATSIN
Took the place of SATINFOR
Blog feed letters RSS
Expected DUE
Earth: Prefix GEO
Went on a wild goose chase, say WASTEDENERGY
Tahoe and Titicaca LAKES
Be too sweet CLOY
Baby’s syllable GOO
Give off EMIT
Stood out SHONE
“___ my lips!” READ
Hairstyling stuff GEL
Ninth mo. SEPT
In a way, informally SORTA
What a student who never goes to class can earn? ONLINEDEGREE
Lead-in to “friendly” ECO
___-mo SLO
Lemon pie topping MERINGUE
Large bin for grain HOPPER
Pitching stat ERA
Not conforming to male or female stereotypes, and a hint to the word scrambled within 17-, 27- and 44-Across GENDERFLUID
Bro or sis SIB
Olympic swimmer’s unit METER
“May the ___ be with you” FORCE
“___ All That” (2021 film) HES
Atmosphere layer OZONE
Former Russian ruler TSAR


“Minecraft” fanatic, perhaps GAMER
Second name? ALIAS
“TTYL” and “IMO,” for two TEXTS
Past partners EXES
EMT’s specialty CPR
Shades HUES
Pi*r-squared, for a circle AREA
Tenant’s payment RENT
Tattooist’s pattern DESIGN
Copier at work? ARTFORGER
G.I. garb CAMO
Middle Eastern ruler EMIR
Nike competitor ADIDAS
Bearded antelopes GNUS
Word before a former surname NEE
Impressed deeply? ETCHED
Moisten WET
Get to “I do” without ado ELOPE
“Please stay!” DONTGO
A Cyclops has only one EYE
Milk source GOAT
Luke Skywalker’s mentor he was YODA
Toy brick brand LEGO
“Hallelujah!” AMEN
Core workout goal KILLERABS
U-turn from NNW SSE
Fish eggs ROE
Trigger, as an alarm SETOFF
Here, in Paris ICI
Label in a health food aisle NONGMO
German industrial valley RUHR
Urges (on) SPURS
German camera maker LEICA
Alphabetical ___ ORDER
Fit together well MESH
“Aww, c’mon …” GEEZ
Golden rule word UNTO
Paradise in Genesis EDEN
Backbone of a novel? PLOT
Before, to a poet ERE
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