Universal Crossword Answers June 09, 2021

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Author: by Rafael Musa


Champagne-opening sounds [#UniversalXwordPride] POPS
Impulsive RASH
Pitfall TRAP
Country on Hispaniola HAITI
Meet ___ (encounter in “Love, Simon”) CUTE
Enormous HUGE
One eschewing synthetic pesticides (see letters 7 to 10 in this answer) ORGANICGARDENER
Command+Z, on a Mac UNDO
Gamer who might get pwned NOOB
“Leave it to me” ICAN
“Baby Cobra” comedian Wong ALI
Islamic law SHARIA
2017 hit whose title contains a fashion brand (4 to 7) GUCCIGANG
“___ you hungry, dear?” ARENT
Animated aardvark on TV ARTHUR
Owned HAD
Damaging gossip DIRT
Liquid-confiscating org. TSA
The Gay Nineties and others DECADES
Take to court SUE
Sound of disapproval HISS
Flow back EBB
Vibes well with a group FITSIN
Modern party notice EVITE
Go through a purse, perhaps (2 to 5) DIGAROUND
Sends elsewhere REFERS
Tourette’s symptom TIC
Jonathan Van ___ (nonbinary grooming expert on “Queer Eye”) NESS
“La Vie en Rose” singer Edith PIAF
Bill dispensers ATMS
“Almost,” or a theme hint CLOSEBUTNOCIGAR
Katz’s, for one DELI
Take time off REST
Group of candidates SLATE
Viewed SEEN
Yellowstone grazers ELKS
Went 90 on I-90, say SPED


Vietnamese noodle soup PHO
Canoe propeller OAR
___ Latin PIG
Steadfast STAUNCH
Coke competitor RCCOLA
Leo’s birth mo., often AUG
Funny Laurel STAN
Give a ___ welcome HEROS
Shakespeare nickname THEBARD
Seek office RUN
At least 30, for a U.S. senator AGE
For each PER
Stonewall ___ (site of a seminal uprising in LGBTQ+ history) INN
“That would sound about right” IDAGREE
Capital of Qatar DOHA
“So it seems” IGATHER
Flowing handwriting CURSIVE
“Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” e.g. REISSUE
Utterly destroyed INRUINS
Shows up to ATTENDS
Contraception option: Abbr. IUD
Wander (about) GAD
In reality DEFACTO
Oil type at a dispensary CBD
Knight’s honorific SIR
Intervenes STEPSIN
Throat parts TONSILS
Most common lake in crosswords ERIE
16-Across creatures GIANTS
Buffalo NHL player SABRE
Kerosene, for many jets FUEL
Roast hosts, briefly MCS
LPs’ successors CDS
California representative Barbara LEE
Spanish cheer OLE
Sound of disapproval TSK
Gender pay ___ GAP
Devoured ATE
Rainbow’s top color RED
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