Universal Crossword Answers June 10, 2021

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Author: by Erin Currey and Matt Johnson


Part ways [#UniversalXwordPride] SPLIT
University of New Mexico student LOBO
Classroom cheater’s sound PSST
Ready to do a pushup PRONE
First fratricide fatality ABEL
Grains in some pudding RICE
Braised vegetable in German cuisine REDCABBAGE
“___ go bragh!” (“Ireland forever!”) ERIN
Brand originally called Froffles EGGO
Tomato variety ROMA
Often-stolen ID SSN
Getting on in life AGED
Tangy, fizzy drink ORANGESODA
Medicinal measures DOSES
Found a new purpose for REUSED
Senators’ capital city? OTTAWA
Zest source RIND
Medium-ripe ingredients at a pizza parlor YELLOWPEPPERS
Very large, informally MEGA
Like some plants POTTED
End of a sequel’s title PARTII
Bridge support TRUSS
Central Thai dish made with chilies GREENCURRY
Cousin of contra- ANTI
Resort with many robes SPA
___ Ski Valley, New Mexico TAOS
Superfan STAN
Enterprise shuttle’s org. NASA
Peruvian crop with husks (theme hint: think Skittles colors) PURPLECORN
Poems of admiration ODES
Fourth-largest Great Lake ERIE
Shed an iceberg CALVE
Discard TOSS
Raggedy ___ (popular dolls) ANNS
Wiser’s companion OLDER


Extend, as one’s wings SPREAD
Having a bun in the oven PREGGO
Ski resort shelters LODGES
Encrypted INCODE
Drink that Colonists paid a steep price for TEA
Hard work LABOR
Malia or Sasha OBAMA
Initiated BEGAN
“Hurrah,” at a futbol game OLE
Word after “under” or “water” PRESSURE
Navy negative SIRNOSIR
Bio., chem. or phys. SCI
Midmorning hour TEN
Sis’s sib, perhaps BRO
“Do you get it now?” SEE
Fruit you may stomp on GRAPE
Studies near libraries, perhaps? DENS
Compute 18+9, say ADD
Only three-letter scale note SOL
Discussion point TOPIC
Rarely seen banknote TWO
Like the name Miles, for a marathoner APT
Rainy WET
525,600 minutes, usually YEAR
Slip that excuses tardiness LATEPASS
S.F. summer hours PDT
Car efficiency stat MPG
One ___ million INA
Still secret UNTOLD
“Feed a cold, ___ a fever” STARVE
Confessional visitor SINNER
Total reversal UTURN
___ to go RARIN
Procedures to learn, with “the” ROPES
Luxury fashion monogram YSL
Negative adverb NOT
Kerfuffle ADO
Mendel’s legume PEA
Environmental prefix ECO
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