Universal Crossword Answers June 11, 2021

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Author: by Danny Reichert


Source of some carpets and cats, once [#UniversalXwordPride] PERSIA
Emeril’s sound effect BAM
Place that appropriately rhymes with “Ahhh” SPA
Playwright Eugene ONEILL
Amount of medicine DOSE
Cleverness WIT
Unnerve RATTLE
*Basis of some election predictions EXITPOLL
Linen color ECRU
Beauty brand ULTA
Word before “code” or “51” AREA
*Animated filmmaking technique STOPMOTION
Marries WEDS
Rice wine SAKE
Greek letters before omegas PSIS
Badger NAG
DEA worker NARC
Secret supply CACHE
“Blowin’ in the Wind” singer Bob DYLAN
Like Denny’s, at all hours OPEN
Fury IRE
Blocks, like a river DAMS
Ego ___ (self-gratifying “journey”) TRIP
Frosty has a corncob one PIPE
*Graph of a bond’s interest rate YIELDCURVE
Brazilian berry ACAI
Moist, as morning grass DEWY
Wander ROAM
Instruction on many official documents, or a hint to the starred answers’ starts SIGNHERE
Ask too much IMPOSE
Prop in a golf movie? TEE
Cell reception indicators BARS
Chatterbox TALKER
Slip up ERR
British songwriter Rita ORA
Like a formal affair DRESSY


Tiny holes PORES
Make into law ENACT
Hip again RETRO
Crunches’ relatives at the gym SITUPS
Not feeling so well ILL
The “A” in IPA ALE
Proof of purchasing cereal BOXTOP
South Koreans and others ASIANS
Encountered MET
Promised SWORE
In a heap PILED
He has the whole world in his hands ATLAS
Place to order cold cuts DELI
Plays with, kitten-style PAWSAT
In ___ (unborn) UTERO
Tomorrow, in Tulum MANANA
“Sure” OKAY
Quintessential ICONIC
Indicate approval NOD
Even a little bit ANY
Hair product GEL
___-Magnon CRO
Greek X CHI
She/___ pronouns HER
Prior to, poetically ERE
Enter a pool gradually WADEIN
In a fitting way APTLY
Awkward smarty-pants, perhaps NERD
Greeting in a love letter MYDEAR
___ Nevada mountains SIERRA
58-Across’ color PURPLE
Ctrl+V, on a PC PASTE
More treacherous, like a winter road ICIER
Cellphone’s ancestor PAGER
Females in a flock EWES
Castles that may endanger kings? ROOKS
Flower holders VASES
Nail file material EMERY
“A Black Lady Sketch Show” network HBO
“___ be an honor!” ITD
Damage MAR
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