Universal Crossword Answers June 12, 2021

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Author: by Adrian Johnson


Phrase on a Hawaii license plate [#UniversalXwordPride] ALOHASTATE
Southern Montana tribe CROW
Cheap energy source SOLARPOWER
“Saturday Night ___” LIVE
They’re served with wasabi SUSHIROLLS
Nailed, as a test ACED
WNW’s opposite ESE
“… or ___!” ELSE
Layers of a cake TIERS
Body led by Chuck Schumer SENATE
Fusses over one’s appearance PRIMPS
Rapper ___ Def MOS
Cake on a dish, say? SOAP
Variety ILK
Shark’s habitat OCEAN
Places to do shots BARS
Get out of Dodge FLEE
Important element of injury recovery PHYSICALTHERAPY
“Little piggies” TOES
Tributes in verse ODES
Locales for many art studios LOFTS
“Toy Story” antagonist SID
Periods of history ERAS
One of 15 in this grid ROW
Cheered (for) ROOTED
Existing from birth INNATE
Giant mammals in a pod ORCAS
DVD players’ predecessors VCRS
Where Charlotte wrote “some pig” WEB
Rug rats TOTS
Way out in an emergency FIREESCAPE
Instrument that tunes an orchestra OBOE
“Get to know you” activity ICEBREAKER
Possessive for Wonder Woman HERS
Visibly embarrassed REDASABEET


Stubborn beasts ASSES
Wingless parasite LOUSE
Mary-Kate or Ashley OLSEN
“You wish!” HAH
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Wild outings at the mall, e.g. SPREES
Wrench, for one TOOL
Leatherworker’s implements AWLS
Travels instantaneously TELEPORTS
Relatives of “ums” ERS
Contentious assertion, perhaps CLAIM
Starchy side often cooked in broth RICEPILAF
Stayed out too long? OVERSLEPT
Joins in holy matrimony WEDS
Reward for a waiter TIP
Build up AMASS
“Sula” author Morrison TONI
Ill-considered RASH
Realtors’ goals SALES
Enter and Delete KEYS
Goes (for) OPTS
Outfit for many a church vocalist CHOIRROBE
Person with many contacts? EYEDOCTOR
“Break a $20 bill by ripping it in half,” e.g. BADADVICE
Upside-down smile FROWN
Region that planks strengthen CORE
North Carolina college ELON
Sci-fi beings ETS
They help people reach new heights RISERS
Welcome sights in the desert OASES
Up and about AWAKE
Shelter traditionally made from hides TEPEE
Siskel’s partner EBERT
“However,” in textspeak OTOH
Reputation, informally CRED
McEntire of country REBA
Wood used for some telephone poles FIR
Mediterranean ___ SEA
Metered ride CAB
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