Universal Crossword Answers June 29, 2020

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Author: by Jeffrey Wechsler


Fond du ___ LAC
Plastic alternative? CASH
“Odyssey” byline HOMER
Org. with Freudians APA
___-Seltzer ALKA
Paint variety ENAMEL
Cry after stepping out of a hot tub BRR
Result of a fallen kitchen rack? SPICERUBBLE
Small stands in malls KIOSKS
Children KIDS
Irish actor Stephen REA
Very small amount IOTA
Bar that gradually disappears SOAP
First/second/third in-order bet TRIFECTA
“Little Red Book” follower MAOIST
Carnival juggler dropping a club, say? SIDESHOWBOBBLE
“Or ___ was told” SOI
Winning tic-tac-toe row OOO
Warning of an approaching Caribbean thunderstorm? JAMAICANRUMBLE
Joan of Arc, notably MARTYR
Annoyed repeatedly PESTERED
Hits a wrong note, e.g. ERRS
House of Commons figs. MPS
Brit’s “Ciao!” TATA
Dernier ___ CRI
Good place to watch “The Good Place” SOFA
Bias of concern to AARP AGEISM
Song a bird sings after you’ve gotten up? CIVILWARBLE
Actress Thompson LEA
Pain relief brand ANACIN
Hugh Laurie’s boys’ school ETON
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Overabundances GLUTS
Figure skater’s feat LUTZ
Juillet’s season ETE


Good gifts for budding scientists LABKITS
Not based on experience APRIORI
Major artery in the neck CAROTID
Amontillado vessel, in a Poe tale CASK
Much of Switzerland ALPS
Navigate a snowy trail SKI
Carpentry cutter HACKSAW
Roundup group HERD
Heavy burden ONUS
Fairy queen mentioned in “Romeo and Juliet” MAB
Involve, as in a sticky situation EMBROIL
Press ___ (newsroom oxymoron) RELEASE
Sprang LEAPT
A, in Aachen EIN
Well-protected SAFE
Imperturbable person STOIC
Bawl SOB
College application section, often ESSAY
“Messiah” performance group CHOIR
Othello’s kinspeople MOORS
Approximately ABOUT
Fibula and tibia BONES
Unpleasantly unexpected JARRING
Depot event ARRIVAL
Fuji and Hood: Abbr. MTS
What usually has you covered? APPAREL
Dole (out) METE
Words read with feeling? BRAILLE
“Dig in, everyone!” LETSEAT
Sushi bar appetizer EDAMAME
Pilgrimage site MECCA
Cinematographer’s deg., maybe MFA
Letter opener’s cut SLIT
Utterly dominates OWNS
Heaps and heaps ALOT
2020 H.S. students, demographically GENZ
Hosp. section ICU
A/C measure BTU
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