Universal Crossword Answers May 01, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Internal audit pro CPA
Walked (on) TROD
Generation after Z ALPHA
Workplace for a physicist LAB
Team racing event RELAY
Shows boldness DARES
Tandoor residue ASH
*Sign near a construction zone (Note the first word of each starred clue’s answer, and think “curling” for this one) ENDROADWORK
Blizzard or typhoon STORM
Soviet org. in “Bridge of Spies” KGB
“Nova” network PBS
*Women’s health app PERIODTRACKER
Not chicken BRAVE
Fried Indian appetizer SAMOSA
House sitters may feed them PETS
“Look, I did it!” TADA
Comb or saw part TOOTH
“So relaxing!” AAH
Gloomy SAD
Caustic compound LYE
Texas longhorn’s sound MOO
One uses pounds in the U.S. but not in the U.K. SCALE
Tall building on a farm SILO
Kids’ observation game ISPY
Comedian’s routine SHTICK
Chocula or Dracula COUNT
*Make the Guinness book, say SETANEWRECORD
Greyhound sound ARF
Land developer’s unit LOT
Square root of nine THREE
*Brief pause on a score QUARTERREST
Turn down, as lights DIM
Bring together UNITE
Organizing expert Kondo MARIE
Self-image EGO
Feel the same way AGREE
Place for a kiddie pool YARD
ICU staffers RNS


Bracelet fastener CLASP
Miso or doenjang, e.g. PASTE
Loathe ABHOR
Small earthquake TREMOR
“The Last Jedi” villain Kylo REN
Ancient OLD
Crimson, for one DARKRED
Say further ADD
Public defender’s field LAW
Places for stage accessories PROPROOMS
Sage or shiso, e.g. HERB
Makes a request ASKS
Exercise with a bridge pose YOGA
Grade school basics ABCS
Heart-protecting bones RIBS
Statistical numbers DATA
Sitcom interruptions, say TVADS
Beckinsale of “Love & Friendship” KATE
Expressive rock genre EMO
“Knock it off!” STOP
“___, matey!” AHOY
Skip a turn PASS
Per item EACH
“Valid point” THATSFAIR
Give the go-ahead ALLOW
Splinter group SECT
“Make up ___ mind!” YOUR
False statement LIE
Frozen cube container ICETRAY
Bug bite symptom ITCH
Leafy green that you may “massage” KALE
Earned after taxes NETTED
Societal standard NORM
Select from a menu ORDER
Empress’s time in power REIGN
Software samples DEMOS
Blue-green hue AQUA
Step on a ladder RUNG
Mail carrier’s circuit: Abbr. RTE
Top for a fun run TEE
The “E” of BCE ERA
Title for Sidney Poitier SIR
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