Universal Crossword Answers May 02, 2021

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Author: by Alex Eaton-Salners


Away from a ship’s figurehead AFT
Shady spot ARBOR
“Que ___ es?” (Spanish for “What time is it?”) HORA
Bounding animal, informally ROO
Defended a pride, perhaps ROARED
Barely manages, with “out” EKES
*Car introduced in 1927 FORDMODELA
Country legend McEntire REBA
Lunchroom stack TRAYS
Poison ___ IVY
Quite a stretch? EON
Assist in crime ABET
*Ancient Egyptian god’s symbolic body part THEEYEOFRA
Water, for the Wicked Witch of the West BANE
Advanced in years OLD
“Frozen II” reindeer SVEN
Deli order with three fillings BLT
Wine stopper CORK
“Honest” prez ABE
*Losing contestant ALSORAN
*”How may I help?,” to a butler YOURANG
Director’s domain SET
S, on a shaker SALT
British bathroom LOO
Twinkie cousin HOHO
Where a hot dog rests? BUN
Idris of “The Dark Tower” ELBA
*It’s measured in octaves VOCALRANGE
Pinball problem TILT
Fury IRE
Stereotypical Canadian interjections EHS
The “V” in CV VITAE
Mom’s mom GRAN
*New Jersey city where Queen Latifah grew up, or what “grows” at the starred answers’ ends EASTORANGE
No longer here GONE
Seward’s state ALASKA
Pet that may hiss CAT
Thereabouts ORSO
Kiddies TYKES
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Hound’s sound ARF
Sport with snap decisions? FOOTBALL
Downpours TORRENTS
Private group? ARMY
Hen’s hangout ROOST
Word before “faith” or “luck” BAD
Mined stuff ORE
Depended (on) RELIED
She/___ HER
Michael of “Caddyshack” OKEEFE
Having a new spiritual vigor REBORN
Yoga pose ASANA
___ Jones’ locker DAVY
Dinner and a movie, perhaps DATE
“Sure, although …” YESBUT
“Fernando” group ABBA
Trumpet, for one HORN
Rockies roamer ELK
Sick of OVER
Jambalaya’s cuisine CREOLE
Cereal bar bit OAT
Trailblazing ISP AOL
Govt. workplace watchdog OSHA
2020 candidate Andrew YANG
Action pact? ALLIANCE
Argon or xenon NOBLEGAS
Animal that often has a beard GOAT
It rises at dawn SUN
Genre for “Us” and “Scream” HORROR
Continental divides? OCEANS
Dark volcanic rock BASALT
___ James (Beyonce’s “Cadillac Records” role) ETTA
Actor Mortensen VIGGO
“Cheers” star Perlman RHEA
Bring forth EVOKE
Investment options, briefly IRAS
Opposite of paleo- NEO
For example SAY
“What a shame!” TSK
Truncation indication: Abbr. ETC
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