Universal Crossword Answers May 02, 2022

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Author: by Joe O%27Brien


Long-lasting ‘do PERM
Dull-colored DRAB
“Definitely!” YEAH
Really irked ATEAT
Part of a choral ensemble? ROBE
Forested Norwegian city OSLO
Step between landings STAIR
Not closed OPEN
Employs USES
Oscar winner for “Norma Rae” SALLYFIELD
“___ got company!” WEVE
Gets in shape? MOLDS
Queues, or some cues LINES
Home to the New York State Museum ALBANY
“Not following” IMLOST
Become a member JOIN
Author of “Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence” ANITAHILL
Word after “fine” or “folk” ART
Soft shoe, for short MOC
Was in first place LED
“And I’m gonna be high ___ kite by then” (Elton John) ASA
“Hairspray” star who became a TV host RICKILAKE
Spill the tea, say BLAB
Eclipsed OUTDID
Cummerbunds’ places WAISTS
River spanned by the Pont de Normandie SEINE
Very funny people RIOTS
Suspend, as Christmas lights HANG
“Thinkin Bout You” R&B singer FRANKOCEAN
“Stat!” ASAP
First Mexican movie to win Best Foreign Language Film ROMA
Breastfeed NURSE
Self-referential META
Enthusiasm ELAN
Two cubed EIGHT
Muppet who had a Twitter beef with a rock ELMO
Alternatively ELSE
Common gifts for children TOYS


Overtake in a race PASS
Mathematician Zuber Falconer or singer James ETTA
Authentic REAL
Many dogs bark at him MAILMAN
“Robot” synonym that Lucasfilm trademarked DROID
Recruits through pressure ROPESIN
Cain’s victim ABEL
“Keep dreamin’!” YOUWISH
Bare necessities ESSENTIALS
“All Day Strong” pain reliever ALEVE
Gardeners’ tubes HOSES
Evaluate in the dressing room TRYON
Soar, say FLY
Laundry unit LOAD
Not quite closed AJAR
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Crypto-purchasing device BITCOINATM
1,760 yards MILE
4G ___ LTE
Berry whose name is 75% vowels ACAI
Exam taken before the bar, often: Abbr. LSAT
Research facilities LABS
Tiny pest MITE
Former OLD
___ chicken (spicy, stir-fried dish) KUNGPAO
Some TV shows from Seoul’s country, informally KDRAMAS
Buttery, flaky bread BISCUIT
Bowl-shaped pan WOK
Make amends ATONE
“Tsk, tsk!” SHAME
Oil holder? EASEL
Liberate FREE
Stop, drop and ___ ROLL
Like a used firepit ASHY
Aptly named NBA team NETS
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