Universal Crossword Answers May 03, 2021

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Author: by Mark McClain


“Immediately,” in the O.R. STAT
Ski resort named for a tree ASPEN
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Dove RITA
Shoe store purchase PAIR
Lorna of English literature DOONE
Arabian sultanate OMAN
___ mater ALMA
… Visiting relative or friend … HOUSEGUEST
Doctor-in-training RESIDENT
Striped gem AGATE
Enticement LURE
Turned red, say? RIPENED
… Hotel amenity … ROOMSERVICE
Let in ADMIT
Promises made at altars IDOS
Black widow’s structure WEB
Gently encourage COAX
Ambulance part SIREN
Home with a honeycomb HIVE
Turn left instead of right, perhaps ERR
Alan of “Tower Heist” ALDA
Office flunky GOFER
… Music-playing service? … CALLWAITING
Argument DISPUTE
Jazz phrase RIFF
Less cordial ICIER
Meaningful hand movements GESTURES
… Deer or elk, in hunting season (hint: this puzzle’s theme answers form a circular word chain) … GAMEANIMAL
Parcel (out) DOLE
Mineral in some supplements IRON
Ticked off IRATE
Fancy fundraiser GALA
Change for a fifty TENS
Well-traveled routes PATHS
Historic chapters ERAS


Prepare for a bout SPAR
Colorful story TALE
Purposes AIMS
Snack that may contain M&Ms TRAILMIX
Stick like glue ADHERE
The ___ State (Oklahoma) SOONER
Funny couple? ENS
Surname separator NEE
It’s red in Rouen ROUGE
“Let me clarify …” IMEAN
Only basic sense that ends with a vowel TASTE
Tossed in a chip, say ANTED
Stares in wonder GAPES
It settles on furniture DUST
Uber offering RIDE
Smartphone symbol ICON
Talladega Superspeedway event RACE
Unpleasant smell ODOR
Epps in “Traffik” OMAR
Very popular, as an online video VIRAL
Coffee shop amenity WIFI
Well-matched EVEN
Ice mass BERG
Blinds piece SLAT
Not working IDLE
Chocolaty sundae topping HOTFUDGE
Luxury automaker whose model names end with X’s ACURA
Special talent GIFT
Holiday door decoration WREATH
Supermarket sections AISLES
2, for one DIGIT
“Why should ___?” ICARE
“American Idol” creator Fuller SIMON
Rounded parts of hammers PEENS
Hurdle for an MBA hopeful GMAT
Crowd noise ROAR
___ Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter ELLA
Bering and Baltic SEAS
Playful bite NIP
Nest egg option, briefly IRA
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