Universal Crossword Answers May 04, 2021

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Author: by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano


Wintertime wrap SCARF
Lose, as fur SHED
Brief appearance in a film CAMEO
Home of Machu Picchu PERU
Plant, or a garden pest MOLE
System overseer, for short ADMIN
Dog food brand IAMS
Prepare to publish EDIT
Concern for an advertising team (see letters 3 to 6 in this answer) BRANDSTRATEGY
Raphael Warnock is one for Ga. SEN
Country with the world’s largest mall: Abbr. UAE
Functional USABLE
Part of a relay race LEG
“My bad!” OOPS
Was in charge LED
Not yet scheduled, briefly TBA
Forwards, as a message (… 3 to 6) SENDSALONG
Spot to look down from PERCH
Gift upon arriving in Hawaii LEI
“Ouch!” YOWIE
Took time for self-care, perhaps (… 6 to 9) STAYEDSANE
Info on a 1040 form SSN
___ Lanka SRI
Christmas carol NOEL
Portable bed COT
Hindu doctrine TANTRA
Negroni ingredient GIN
Tree substance SAP
Unpredictable nature, and a theme hint SHIFTINGSANDS
Religious ceremony RITE
Del Rey who sang “Young and Beautiful” LANA
Italian fashion house PRADA
Imitates APES
Flower that’s often purple IRIS
White wading bird EGRET
Need for a newborn NAME
Way to go? PATH
Common bugs COLDS


Signs of healing SCABS
Training group CADRE
Jordan’s capital AMMAN
Word that bookends “restrain” REIN
Dish served with special forks FONDUE
Vindictiveness SPITE
Give an audience to HEAR
Longtime columnist Bombeck ERMA
Rough encounters DUSTUPS
Alpha : first :: ___ : last OMEGA
Big punches BODYBLOWS
Giants legend Manning ELI
“Are we there ___?” YET
Droops SAGS
It can set a college application apart ESSAY
Russian Revolution figure LENIN
Sharp quality EDGE
Like a doily LACY
Lakers legend Shaquille ONEAL
Norse god with two ravens ODIN
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
Natural sleep aid? BRAINSTEM
Otherwise ELSE
Needing a map LOST
(Hey you!) PSST
Cartier-Bresson or Rousseau HENRI
Add acrobatics to your dance routine, say DOAFLIP
Vaping device, for short ECIG
How freelance work is often done ONSPEC
“___ things happen” THESE
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Warning from a dog SNARL
Found the sum of ADDED
Some H.S. exams PSATS
Skating champion Lipinski TARA
Not out of the game INIT
Jason’s ship ARGO
Vied for a seat RAN
Hoppy brew, in brief IPA
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