Universal Crossword Answers May 05, 2021

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Author: by Roland Huget


Desert haven OASIS
“Door number 1, 2 or 3?” WHICH
Conducted LED
Moan and groan WHINE
Main artery AORTA
A third of tri- UNI
Throw to the side, say? (see the last 4 letters in this answer …) LATERALPASS
Time in history (… + all 3 in this one) AGE
Formal deal PACT
Forearm bones ULNAS
Ran into (all 3 letters in this answer …) MET
Mishmash (… + the first 3 in this one) HODGEPODGE
Plum’s center PIT
Highest peak in Alaska DENALI
Highlander (rhymes with “Braille”) GAEL
Hacienda brick ADOBE
___ box (Japanese lunch) BENTO
Certain football player (the last 3 letters in this answer …) LINEMAN
Clash with foam ammo (… + the first 3 in this one) NERFWAR
Orange, but not apple COLOR
Submit taxes online EFILE
2012 film that won Best Picture ARGO
Drop in STOPBY
Hack (off) LOP
Overnight sensation’s trajectory (the last 2 letters in this answer …) ZEROTOHERO
Salt Lake City student (… + all 3 in this one) UTE
St. Teresa’s Spanish birthplace AVILA
Humorist Lebowitz FRAN
Rapper ___ Nas X LIL
Ending a relationship, or a theme hint PARTINGWAYS
Snaky fish EEL
Fire remnant EMBER
Fix, as a hair bow RETIE
Blow away AWE
Honey Smacks frog DIGEM
Very proficient ADEPT


Hogwarts messenger OWL
“I get it now!” AHA
Take a load off SIT
Not at all proficient INEPT
Vaccine fluids SERA
Sam of Sam’s Club WALTON
Short flight HOP
Spousal ___ IRA
Pennies: Abbr. CTS
Invites to the penthouse HASUP
Angola’s capital LUANDA
Hold the attention of ENGAGE
Semi fuel DIESEL
Massage target ACHE
Sign out LOGOFF
Calf-length skirt MIDI
English prep school ETON
Apply gently DAB
Secluded valley GLEN
“___ kleine Nachtmusik” EINE
Buddy PAL
Floor model DEMO
“Keep your shirt on!” BECOOL
Card that beats a deuce TREY
Not to mention ALSO
Chris of “The Good Wife” NOTH
Become limp WILT
Lotion additive ALOE
Single exercise REP
Sushi eggs ROE
Flowering shrub AZALEA
Critic’s write-up REVIEW
Front piece on a car GRILLE
Image-building group PRFIRM
Brought into being BORN
Wrapped, as an ankle TAPED
Like a groom-to-be UNWED
Taj Mahal’s city AGRA
French friend AMI
Late SCOTUS great RBG
Casual shirt TEE
Absorbed, as a loss ATE
Toy’s sound? YIP
Group of exercises SET
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