Universal Crossword Answers May 06, 2022

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Author: by Scott Hogan and Christina Iverson


Sleeve’s end CUFF
Starter dish, informally APP
Garments worn under jackets VESTS
Singer India.___ ARIE
Payment to post BAIL
Second-largest religion ISLAM
Narrow stage for a musical group? BANDPERCH
Teatime treat SCONE
It tastes like licorice ANISE
Letters missing from this word: _p_ropria_e APT
Athletic org. with a Tour PGA
Acorn, for one NUT
Where a thunder god keeps his dirty laundry? THORSHAMPER
Since ASOF
Leading in a poll AHEAD
Is sick AILS
Museum item RELIC
Woody Guthrie’s son ARLO
Whine “Please, PLEASE can I play with the green ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ character?” BEGFORPERCY
Cookie in some pie crusts OREO
Speak on a soapbox, say ORATE
“I’ll have what ___ having” SHES
Spiky but soothing plants ALOES
Chuckles, slangily LOLS
“Check out that car’s display of stickers!”? WHATABUMPER
Race unit LAP
“Yipes!” EEK
Crash sound in a comic BAM
Couldn’t not HADTO
Follow as a result ENSUE
Entertainer, or a three-part hint to the shift behind 17-, 25-, 37- and 49-Across PERFORMER
Write by hand PRINT
Sheet on a ship SAIL
Rightward, on a map EAST
Matches up SYNCS
Doll or teddy TOY
Insects that bury their dead ANTS


Poolside shelter CABANA
Planet that spins on its side URANUS
What’s done in Italy? FINITO
IRS agents, e.g. FEDS
Nickname related to Bram ABE
___ for the course PAR
Insta posting PIC
Scenic route stop VISTA
F1 neighbor ESC
In a careless way SLOPPILY
Hybrid orange fruit TANGELO
Ink mishaps SMEARS
___ apso LHASA
Furry friend, maybe PET
Advanced deg. PHD
Word before “empty” or “full” HALF
State with a five-sided flag OHIO
Pool table’s place, informally RECROOM
Name that anagrams to “calmer” MARCEL
Least inhibited FREEST
It may be inflated or bruised EGO
Fitting name for a sculptor? ART
Wears for a while, like new boots BREAKSIN
Activity before an exam, briefly PREP
Lack of problems EASE
Candy bar whose name ends with “!” OHHENRY
Goes undefeated in SWEEPS
Lawyers’ org. ABA
Groups (together) LUMPS
Greatest partner? LATEST
Helps unlawfully ABETS
Greek P RHO
Square footage AREA
Chapel Hill sch. UNC
Gobble up EAT
Spanish for “river” RIO
Certain fishing lure FLY
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