Universal Crossword Answers May 11, 2021

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Author: by Prasanna Keshava


Des Moines’ home IOWA
Texting format, briefly SMS
Convert into a movie script, say ADAPT
Mall business SHOP
___ Lane (Superboy’s mom) LOIS
Sidestep DODGE
Insignificant amount (notice letters 5 to 8 in this answer) ADROPINTHEOCEAN
Scold loudly YELLAT
Where a child may learn canoeing CAMP
“Alas …” SADLY
Hasbro game with voice commands BOPIT
Number of capitals Bolivia has TWO
Approximately ORSO
Reporter’s retinue (6 to 9) CAMERACREW
Positive or negative particles IONS
“Common Sense” author Thomas PAINE
Develop a plot? SCHEME
Offers bait to TEMPTS
Texas’ Battle of the ___ ALAMO
Money plant? MINT
Not be yourself (3 to 5) PUTONANACT
Gala who inspired a surrealist DALI
Visualize SEE
“Home ___” (film about a failed burglary) ALONE
Exorcist’s target DEMON
Lambs’ fathers RAMS
“Very neat!” SOCOOL
Colby, for one (8 to 11) WISCONSINCHEESE
Disney’s “Little Mermaid” ARIEL
Painter Francisco GOYA
“Yeah, sure!” IBET
Drive back REPEL
Not gross, financially NET
Covers, as a highway TARS


“Because ___!” (parental justification) ISAYSO
“Good heavens!” OHDEAR
Earthlike planets WORLDS
Moon landing program APOLLO
Narrow cut SLIT
Day after Sun. MON
“Friends” and “Modern Family” SITCOMS
Program that finds homes for cats and dogs ADOPTAPET
Medic DOC
Suffix with “Gator” ADE
Drivers’ grp.? PGA
What half the letters of “twenty” spell TEN
Square, usually, for a crossword grid SHAPE
___ through the nose PAY
Middle Eastern ruler EMIR
Prohibition BAN
“Journey” for your ego TRIP
Came and ___ WENT
Is under obligation OWES
Liberal arts college in 1-Across COE
Surveillance device, briefly CAM
Boast heard at the roulette table IMONAROLL
Drains of strength SAPS
Pointer to an answer CLUE
Really, really dislike HATE
Brooding rock subgenre EMO
Mine explosive’s letters TNT
Large, imposing house MANSION
Word before “cream” or “crystal” ICE
Comedian King ALAN
Menu reassurance NOMSG
Good liar’s skill DECEIT
One-celled organism AMOEBA
Slacker? LOOSER
Features along a coast INLETS
Play-___ DOH
“Go away!” SCAT
All’s fair in love and this WAR
Anger IRE
Taste of a beverage SIP
Average grade CEE
12/31: Abbr. NYE
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