Universal Crossword Answers May 11, 2022

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Author: by Kevin Shustack


Women, folksily GALS
Mess up 007’s martini order STIR
Cultural dish variety? PETRI
Woodwind that Julia Roberts played OBOE
Where the heart is, it’s said HOME
Love, in French AMOUR
Bureaucratic document FORM
Barely ATAD
Appears, as the day DAWNS
It’s heard but never seen (In this answer, see letters 3-6) AUDIORECORDING
Google Maps offering: Abbr. RTE
LP speed RPM
“___ aboard!” ALL
Canine meme DOGE
On the same ___ PAGE
Cell reception unit BAR
Winter figures (letters 4-7) SNOWANGELS
Periodic trig function SINE
It’s often preceded by “safe,” redundantly HAVEN
Slightly ahead UPONE
Column with a perspective OPED
Cow or pig (letters 2-7) FARMANIMAL
Expected golf score PAR
Savior HERO
Attack like Dracula BITE
Roofing gunk TAR
___ tip (expert pointer) PRO
Beaver’s creation DAM
Novel featuring Mrs. Whatsit (letters 6-10) AWRINKLEINTIME
“Foxy Brown” star Pam GRIER
Part of a phrase WORD
RuPaul, e.g., in the world of drag ICON
Didn’t feel well AILED
Very excited AGOG
Delivery vehicles VANS
“If you ___” (“OK, then”) SAYSO
Not any NONE
’70s gymnast Korbut OLGA


Win at life GOFAR
Give or take ABOUT
Acted superior to LORDEDOVER
Big rig SEMI
Give a good tip? SHARPEN
Sacred carving TOTEM
Apple desktop IMAC
Start over on REDO
Pickleball racket PADDLE
What many a meeting could’ve been EMAIL
Theatrical finale for “Our” or “On the” TOWN
Ladder level RUNG
Tax refund org. IRS
Church instrument ORGAN
Starting point for many an inspiring tale RAGS
Was in the red OWED
Retired pitcher Martinez PEDRO
Former “SNL” cast member, e.g. ALUM
Kind of engineer who may design a surgical robot BIOMEDICAL
Netflix’s “Inventing ___” ANNA
Stagger REEL
Indulge in retail therapy SHOP
Golden State wine region NAPA
Paraphernalia GEAR
Stick on the barbecue? SPIT
Labor group UNION
Plant with spores FERN
Shorten, like a dictionary ABRIDGE
Stylist’s cut HAIRDO
Shade sources TREES
Eva portrayed by Madonna PERON
___ friends (in good company) AMONG
What you’d be smart to join? MENSA
Opera solo ARIA
Cunning WILY
“Crazy Rich Asians” author Kevin KWAN
FedEx’s has a hidden arrow LOGO
DVR maker TIVO
Ethane or methane GAS
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