Universal Crossword Answers May 16, 2022

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Author: by Michele Govier


It may be open-and-shut CASE
Approximately ABOUT
___-A-Whirl TILT
Tel ___, Israel AVIV
Bruin’s rival from Buffalo SABRE
Noted rib donor? ADAM
Chicago’s Magnificent ___ MILE
“If only!” IWISH
Fuzzy brown fruit KIWI
One who gets to the root of something? DENTALSURGEON
Cybersecurity org. NSA
2022 Super Bowl winners, informally LARAMS
One who gets bodies in better shape? AUTOMECHANIC
Hwy. 1, for one RTE
Desperate request PLEA
Mamas’ bandmates in a ’60s group PAPAS
Sugar or starch, for short CARB
Light fencing blades FOILS
Hay bundle BALE
Bit of glass SHARD
Wrench or hammer TOOL
Eggs on a California roll ROE
One who likes crude stuff? OILRIGWORKER
“Parks and Recreation” town PAWNEE
Touch lightly, when read forward or backward TAP
“This isn’t new to me,” or what 20-, 25- or 47-Across might say? IKNOWTHEDRILL
Slick with words GLIB
William and Harry’s mum DIANA
Go yachting, say SAIL
Tiniest bit IOTA
Trial and ___ ERROR
Drink hidden in “juice extractor” ICEE
Dateless at prom STAG
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Tree house? NEST


Word after “spy” or “nanny” CAM
Early period in Hollywood SILENTERA
“Nonetheless …” EVENSO
9-Down’s continent ASIA
Ugly-cry, perhaps BAWL
Japanese sashes OBIS
Ariel’s tormentor URSULA
Capital with Persian speakers TEHRAN
Travel from the airport to downtown, say TAKEACAB
“Cold feet” or “two left feet,” e.g. IDIOM
Green expanses in suburbs LAWNS
“Ew, stop talking!” TMI
Pack (down) TAMP
Tennis racket hold GRIP
Curved trajectories ARCS
Provo’s state UTAH
Christmas classic starring Will Ferrell ELF
Corporate VIP CEO
Dominican Republic neighbor HAITI
Second-priciest Monopoly property PARKPLACE
Soothing gel source ALOE
Fortuneteller SEER
Homemade lunch holder BROWNBAG
Captain’s record LOG
Female pig SOW
Jurassic beast, informally DINO
Hobbits’ series, for short LOTR
More obscene LEWDER
Quit working RETIRE
Trail mix fruit RAISIN
Title of most TV series’ openers PILOT
Japanese dog breed AKITA
Cocky racer in a fable HARE
16-Across’s grandson (anagram of ONES) ENOS
Double-dog ___ DARE
Pieces of disinformation LIES
Soldiers at USO shows GIS
“___ me know” LET
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