Universal Crossword Answers May 21, 2022

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Author: by Jared Goudsmit


Ski resort landform HILL
Muslim leaders IMAMS
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Palm with purple berries ACAI
Residence that’s going, going, gone! MOBILEHOME
Lemon rind part ZEST
Frightening flag at sea JOLLYROGER
Stretcher carrier: Abbr. EMT
“You bet!” SURE
Henhouse perch ROOST
___ intolerance (dairy lover’s woe) LACTOSE
Worry FRET
Stack the deck in poker, maybe CHEAT
Apt rhyme for “sod” CLOD
Grier in “Jackie Brown” PAM
“Real helpful, jerk!” THANKSALOT
T. rex, e.g. DINO
“Tell me ___ it!” ABOUT
Not tricked by ONTO
Rainfall unit INCH
Words to a goner YOURETOAST
“Get it now?” SEE
The early one gets the worm BIRD
Drug bust figure, informally NARCO
___ Blanc (one of the Alps) MONT
“Landslide” or “Hurt” SADSONG
Radio station sign ONAIR
Nightclub in a Manilow song COPA
Language related to Thai LAO
What brings people down to Earth ROCKETSHIP
Ring of light HALO
Left nothing to the imagination BAREDITALL
Matrimonial exchange IDOS
Storage building SHED
Handbag PURSE
One of many in “War and Peace” PAGE


Greenish eye color HAZEL
Hotel fixture that fills buckets ICEMACHINE
Final opportunity LASTCHANCE
More than buzzed LIT
“That’s only my opinion” IMJUSTSAYIN
Actress Demi MOORE
Up to the job ABLE
“Cool” amount MIL
Cunning SLY
“Dang!” SHOOT
Red Lobster’s features a red lobster LOGO
Iowa State’s city AMES
He rooms with Ernie BERT
Missed the mark ERRED
Submerge, perhaps SOAK
Dime, vis-a-vis a dollar TENTH
King Arthur Baking product FLOUR
Bad influence ROTTENAPPLE
What cotton candy resembles CLOUD
Cocktail with coconut cream PINACOLADA
Snack that isn’t really made with insects ANTSONALOG
Not worth discussing MOOT
Out of ___ world THIS
“Call off the mission!” ABORT
“Are there more wheels or ___ in the world?” (viral question) DOORS
“Look! I’m amazing!” TADA
Interest-free? BORED
Wearing a wire, perhaps MIKED
Makes dirty SOILS
“Silly” animal GOOSE
Globes ORBS
“Stranger Things” actor Schnapp NOAH
4,840 square yards ACRE
Blacken on the grill CHAR
Waiter’s reward TIP
Person in costume? STU
All the rage HIP
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