Universal Crossword Answers May 28, 2023

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Author: by Dylan Schiff


Sport with irons GOLF
Top story? ATTIC
“Star Wars” enemy group SITH
Abbr. on a works cited page ETAL
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Texter’s “I think …” IMHO
“How awful!” OHNO
*Type of bed (Hint: In each starred clue’s answer, ignore a dish) MURPHYSLAW
Place for a foosball table RECROOM
Liquid from an almond or cashew NUTOIL
*Cooking vessel GREENSPAN
Title for MLK REV
Vietnamese holiday celebrated with banh chung TET
Hold tightly CLASP
Nailed, as a test ACED
Winter coat? SNOW
B-ball official REF
Hopping ___ MAD
Pat gently DAB
Actor Barinholtz IKE
Bumbling sorts OAFS
“___ a good girl …” (“Free Fallin'”) SHES
Instruments heard at Renaissance Faires LUTES
What many a beachgoer seeks TAN
British comedian Sanders LOU
*Italian resort island CAPRICORN
“Easy as pie” and “piece of cake,” for two IDIOMS
Turkiye’s place EURASIA
Spaces between teeth GAPS
Pal, in Perth MATE
Showbiz award quartet EGOT
Transport in “Calvin and Hobbes” SLED
Gets one’s feet wet? WADES
Say no to DENY


Physicist Ohm GEORG
Common final option on a survey OTHER
Joust weapon LANCE
Broccoli bits FLORETS
Noise heard through a stethoscope THUMP
La Brea ___ Pits TAR
Xfinity or Verizon Fios, briefly ISP
Oscar-winning lyricist Sammy CAHN
Siblings such as Anna and Elsa in “Frozen” SISTERS
Golden Arches slogan IMLOVINIT
Like pad see ew and tom yum soup THAI
Bloodhound’s cry HOWL
Circular tent YURT
Common lunch hr. ONEPM
“Abbott Elementary” network ABC
Requires NEEDS
Mathematician Lovelace ADA
Pepsi competitor COKE
Lambs’ moms EWES
Shoe with Jibbitz decorations CROC
She married Jacob LEAH
Local station in a TV network AFFILIATE
Temporary, like a committee ADHOC
Fire remnant ASH
“The Facts of Life” girl BLAIR
Cuddled, in a way SPOONED
“When will u b here?” ETA
Freed from restraint UNCAGED
Addition results SUMS
Has faith in TRUSTS
Black tea PEKOE
“August: ___ County” OSAGE
Insult playfully RIPON
Beyond mean NASTY
Big Blue PCs IBMS
“Let’s shake on it!” DEAL
Hearty bowlful STEW
Chicken ___ king ALA
Mason jar topper LID
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