Universal Crossword Answers November 16, 2022

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Author: by Bart Gold


Pun-loving parents, perhaps DADS
Ohio city where Goodyear is based AKRON
Lima’s land PERU
Revered figure IDOL
Pageant winner’s headpiece TIARA
Pub pints ALES
*Line 1 on this puzzle’s mixtape label: “Say So” / “Fever” (Hint: Note the scrambled word in each starred clue’s answer) DOJACATPEGGYLEE
Increases muscle size, with “up” BULKS
Newspaper commentaries OPEDS
Ave. crossers STS
Constricting snake BOA
Bear whose porridge was too hot for Goldilocks PAPA
*Line 2: “Hey Ya!” / “Last Kiss” OUTKASTPEARLJAM
Sings softly CROONS
In addition AND
Equal, or exist ARE
Rustic lodgings INNS
Drill insert BIT
Target of a joke BUTT
Noshed on ATE
Owl’s home on a farm BARN
Meeting whose guest of honor never RSVPs? SEANCE
*Line 3: “Royals” / “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” LORDEPATBENATAR
Aid with a crime ABET
Twelve-mo. timespans YRS
Contraption GIZMO
Climate change or the economy, e.g. ISSUE
*Line 4: “Heat of the Moment” / “West End Girls” ASIAPETSHOPBOYS
Tough walk SLOG
Printer powder TONER
Spanish for “tar” BREA
Sheet of glass PANE
Restless ANTSY
Con game SCAM


Completed DID
Hubbub ADO
Atty. gen.’s domain DOJ
Thick piece SLAB
Clueless ATALOSS
Candy bar with wafers KITKAT
Speaks on a hip-hop track RAPS
Mined matter ORE
Pester constantly NAG
Venmo’s parent company PAYPAL
She, in Paris ELLE
Clarinetist’s buy REED
Employs USES
Sandwich type with pork and pickles CUBAN
Leave the amateur leagues GOPRO
Extroverted SOCIAL
Consult for help TURNTO
High-minded person? STONER
Bombard PELT
Common batteries AAS
Some boxing wins: Abbr. KOS
Material for very thin coats? PAINT
Full of pep JAUNTY
Vehicle seen at Burning Man ARTCAR
Olympic length units METERS
Spoiled kid BRAT
Sheep sound BAA
Jazz style for Dizzy Gillespie BEBOP
One swings in the jungle APE
Become, eventually ENDUP
Cause harm to DAMAGE
Wild parties BASHES
Sound of surprise GASP
Puerto Rico, por ejemplo ISLA
Jerusalem temple site ZION
“Winning ___ everything” ISNT
Subsides EBBS
LaGuardia landing stat ETA
2,000 pounds TON
Evil Tolkien soldier ORC
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Uncle popularized during the War of 1812 SAM
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