Universal Crossword Answers November 19, 2022

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Author: by Ezra Brauner


Bygone birds DODOS
Speak with a husky voice? BARK
Hourly ___ WAGE
Knowledgeable about UPON
Mountain goat with curved horns IBEX
Scatter (about) STREW
Milanese luxury notebook brand MOLESKINE
Jazz trumpeter Baker CHET
Drink that might be hard or hot APPLECIDER
Fit for consumption EDIBLE
Place to de-stress SPA
NYC clock setting EST
Prime ministers, e.g. PREMIERS
___ Technica (online publication) ARS
Honeybee homes HIVES
Easter treats CANDYEGGS
“I’d like to see you try!” ASIF
Catherine, Princess of ___ WALES
Group with the most circulated magazine in the U.S. AARP
Makes a quick trip? TELEPORTS
Bottom-fermenting beer style LAGER
Screw up ERR
Maker of grand pianos STEINWAY
Common top-level domain ORG
Signs off on OKS
Like a spy’s actions COVERT
Off-putting impressions WEIRDVIBES
Calf-length skirt MIDI
Has lots of fun LIVESITUP
“I hear you” NOTED
Scrapes by, with “out” EKES
Paxton of “Blonde” SARA
1993 Rookie of the Year Shaquille ONEAL
Shade TINT
Patron of the ___ ARTS
Grammy-winning country singer Haggard MERLE


Herniated ___ (back woe) DISC
Increasingly popular ONTHERISE
Person who thrives on excitement DAREDEVIL
Payment not part of a subscription, perhaps ONETIMEFEE
Use a needle and thread SEW
Vehicle a driver tries to crash BUMPERCAR
Dinner breads ROLLS
Some skaters’ protection KNEEPADS
Crowdsourced source of information WIKI
Tolerate ABIDE
Family hand-me-downs? GENES
Apply, as pressure or effort EXERT
Hair-raising SCARY
Top-fermenting beer style ALE
Arm muscles, casually BIS
Old-school “great” PHAT
Hawaiian red and Himalayan pink seasonings SALTS
Jellyfish relative SEAANEMONE
French phrase that translates to “Is it not?” NESTCEPAS
Author of jokes GAGWRITER
Real steal GREATDEAL
Nimble SPRY
Something needed for some business trips WORKVISA
Tyler of “The Lord of the Rings” LIV
Greek dawn goddess EOS
Nocturnal baby bird OWLET
Japanese energy healing REIKI
Something taken for granted GIVEN
Raga instrument SITAR
“Give it a ___!” REST
Reynolds of “Boogie Nights” BURT
Not moving IDLE
Cartoonish eating sound NOM
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