Universal Crossword Answers November 20, 2021

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Author: by Daniel Sweren-Becker


Feel sore ACHE
Tropical root vegetable TARO
Fires off SENDS
Trendy seed CHIA
Similar AKIN
Pacific Crest, for one TRAIL
Little member of a litter RUNT
Philosopher Immanuel KANT
Former “American Idol” judge Jackson RANDY
Ride out ENDURE
*Competitor’s expression GAME
It lets you go downhill SKIPASS
Introduction PREFACE
*Gesture of exasperation PALM
Devices for making whiskey STILLS
Tongue-in-cheek FACETIOUS
Look through someone’s texts, say SNOOP
Sounds made at spas AAHS
It’s often under the hood MOTOR
Covet ENVY
Bun ingredient, perhaps? BRAID
Bloodlines PEDIGREES
Shelters in the mountains LODGES
*Maintain some dignity SAVE
Catch in a trap ENSNARE
Come to light SURFACE
*Plastic surgery procedure needed to understand the starred clues LIFT
Preparatory phase LEADUP
Aspect FACET
Teeming RIFE
Justice’s garment ROBE
Mushroom also called velvet shank ENOKI
Leave out OMIT
Lake bordering Ohio ERIE
Stretch horizontally WIDEN
Earns after expenses NETS
Places where cameras roll SETS


Lots of land ACRES
Large quantity of change CHUNK
Language spoken in New Delhi HINDI
Scarf down EATUP
Prepares to throw an ax TAKESAIM
Abbr. before an alias AKA
Call, in England RING
Available for pouring ONTAP
Parts of infrastructure STREETS
Slice of history ERA
Photographer Goldin whose first name is a palindrome NAN
Checked off a checklist DID
Foxy SLY
Spellbound RAPT
“The Marvelous ___ Maisel” MRS
Sailboat with one mast SLOOP
More delicate FINER
Garlic segment CLOVE
Awards that Tiger Woods has won 21 of ESPYS
Silences MUTES
Aesop story FABLE
Hammerin’ Hank of baseball fame AARON
Little things that made big news in the 2000 election CHADS
Endorse online, say ESIGN
Pepsi and Coke SODAS
Streams of sweat or tears RIVULETS
Gave a hand? DEALTIN
“Pretty Woman” star Richard GERE
Indian title of respect SRI
Zac of “Neighbors” EFRON
Taximeter readings FARES
Absolutely treasure ADORE
Measure of ark length CUBIT
Duel swords EPEES
Word after “prime” or “standard” TIME
Handful FEW
Name within “Jeanie” ANI
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Just manage, with “out” EKE
Choice of clothing, informally FIT
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