Universal Crossword Answers November 24, 2021

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Author: by Paul Coulter


“Enchanted” girl in a 2004 film ELLA
Airship that may feature a message BLIMP
Assist with a heist, e.g. ABET
Detective’s need LEAD
“Judy” star Zellweger RENEE
Oversized part of a monster truck TIRE
*Person on a rant? (Theme hint: Note the first word of each starred clue’s answer) MADSPEAKER
Scans done in tubes: Abbr. MRIS
Word before or after “blue” SKY
Corrective eye surgery LASIK
Lavishes affection (on) DOTES
Clay who sang “Invisible” AIKEN
Mascara site LASH
Holdings ASSETS
*Awesome snare? RADTRAP
Magical charm FETISH
Repayment promises IOUS
Rumpus ADO
“Iliad” war god ARES
Already consumed EATEN
“Cut it out!” STOP
Become torn RIP
Trees with needles FIRS
*NFL rusher who’s also an official? REFBACK
Window-shop BROWSE
Presidential assistant AIDE
Says something catty? MEOWS
Pancake often served with applesauce LATKE
Teacher’s summons SEEME
Letters in a university’s URL EDU
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
*Some bejeweled table-tennis equipment? KAYPADDLES
Wedding cake layer TIER
Welcome at the door GREET
Dot on an ocean map ISLE
Orecchiette pasta’s namesake body parts EARS
Catches on to GETS


Trees that line streets ELMS
Pipe problem LEAK
Disney dog LADY
Some contain coupons ADS
Crack a joke at a party, say BREAKTHEICE
Shade with a pen INKIN
Submissive MEEK
The “p” in rpm PER
Maximally ATMOST
What new babies grow? BIRTHRATES
Buffalo’s lake ERIE
“___ of the D’Urbervilles” TESS
Toilet paper layers PLIES
Big name in root beer DADS
“No returns” ASIS
Loading zones? LAUNDROMATS
Cliffside nest AERIE
Parent in a certain blended family STEPFATHER
Future fish ROE
Hacienda brick ADOBE
Noises that balloon artists dread POPS
Jamie of “M*A*S*H” FARR
The “I” in TGIF ITS
Biblical boat ARK
Puts in stitches SEWS
Grow dim FADE
Amazed WOWED
Cyclists BIKERS
Sounded like a smoke detector BEEPED
“Veep” protagonist Selina MEYER
After curfew LATE
Where Uzbekistan is ASIA
Singer Bareilles SARA
Besides that ELSE
Military press muscle, informally DELT
A Swiss army knife has lots of them USES
Cold War spy grp. KGB
Archaeological site DIG
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