Universal Crossword Answers October 02, 2022

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Author: by Adrian Johnson


Frosts ICES
Thai currency BAHT
“The inventor of the Pringles can is buried in one,” e.g. FACT
Moves quickly MAKESHASTE
“Legally Blonde” protagonist Woods ELLE
“Wait your turn!” ONEATATIME
School fundraiser target, informally ALUM
Seasoning for matzo ball soup KOSHERSALT
IKEA manual part STEP
“What ___ missing?” AMI
This, in Montevideo ESTO
Wall Street index, with “the” DOW
Extinct tiger SABERTOOTH
Website connection LINK
Window ledge SILL
Loosen, as laces UNTIE
“Low” or “high” end? EST
Pitch heard but not seen? RADIOAD
GPS suggestion RTE
Allergy season sound ACHOO
Opposing ANTI
Two-purpose DUAL
Oversize prop for a sports fan FOAMFINGER
Japanese dough YEN
Pinball cheater’s maneuver TILT
Bargain hunter’s channel HSN
Yearning WANT
Truckloads ALOT
Friendly Spanish farewell ADIOSAMIGO
Dull learning method ROTE
“Isn’t it time for us to leave?” CANWEGONOW
Property card in Monopoly DEED
Prayer’s last word AMEN
Volleyball actions before spikes SETS


“Don’t worry about me” IMOK
Robinson ___, eight-time MLB All-Star CANO
Squeaks (out) EKES
Seattle NFL player SEAHAWK
Mammals that save U.S. farmers billions in pest control BATS
2022 World Cup’s continent ASIA
Web code HTML
Sway like a Jenga tower TEETER
Dig into, as Thanksgiving dinner FEASTON
“Sadly, you’re right” ALLTOOTRUE
Where you might try Mustard with a knife? CLUE
Seasonal staffer TEMP
Wineglass’s narrow part STEM
Spicy North African condiment HARISSA
Tiny earring STUD
’70s music genre DISCO
“Speaking of which …” ONTHATNOTE
Actor ___ Quinn AIDAN
Flashy jewelry BLING
Mexican street corn ELOTE
Tennessee NFL player TITAN
“Walk by my side, Fido” HEEL
Maple ___ (Canadian symbol) LEAF
“ur too funny” ROFL
Tube for inflating a tire AIRHOSE
Left out OMITTED
Energetic sorts DYNAMOS
Cornell’s home ITHACA
Minor hang-up SNAG
Hospital section WARD
Ancient Egyptians called it “the plant of immortality” ALOE
Driver who pulls up to the red carpet? ADAM
What seven ate, in a joke NINE
Word after “graduation” or “night” GOWN
Wavy math function SINE
Award quartet for John Legend EGOT
Grown-up calves COWS
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