Universal Crossword Answers October 03, 2022

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Author: by Paul Coulter


Great grade APLUS
Apple computers MACS
Like emotionless humor DRY
All together ASONE
Yoga posture ASANA
Nod, maybe, for an actor CUE
Cable network with a patriotic name USA
Top performer STAR
Black cat, perhaps OMEN
Goes on a tirade RANTS
Lack of difficulty EASE
Alternative to Shell MOBIL
Labyrinth MAZE
What to wipe your feet on MAT
Letters after northeastern. or northwestern. EDU
Restaurant patron DINER
Little devil IMP
Cancel, as a mission SCRUB
Cancel, as a subscription END
Significant period ERA
It stings and has wings WASP
Sends by post MAILS
Shakespearean foot IAMB
Sticker in art class? PASTE
Employed USED
“@#$%,” e.g. OATH
Key also known as Option ALT
Feverish, say ILL
“Kate & ___” (’80s sitcom) ALLIE
Make pricier on eBay BIDUP
Batik colorant DYE
Warmhearted KIND
Target of Indian social reform CASTE


Contented sighs AAHS
Exam for many HS juniors PSAT
1970 Kinks hit LOLA
Remove restrictions from, as credit UNFREEZE
Caribbean or Caspian SEA
2007-’15 drama set in 1960-’70 Manhattan MADMEN
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
James of “The Godfather” CAAN
NBC weekend show SNL
Where Batman and Superman live DCUNIVERSE
Prepared, as grub RUSTLEDUP
Affirmative votes YEAS
Hairstyles that many pick? AFROS
Wet part of a healthy dog NOSE
Tad Lincoln’s dad ABE
Affirm AVER
Santa Fe summer setting: Abbr. MDT
Beachfront building with free rent? SANDCASTLE
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Brief time-out? NAP
Little pencil NUB
Animal house DEN
401(k) cousin IRA
Crawl in the pool, say SWIM
Southeast Asian country with a temple on its flag CAMBODIA
Two letters in “Philly” ELS
Do-it-yourselfer’s set KIT
Justice Kagan ELENA
Followed a nutritionist’s plan DIETED
Father, to a toddler DADA
Covered the bill PAID
Jamaican hybrid fruit UGLI
What a soccer player guards? SHIN
Puts in ADDS
Drawn tight TAUT
Intensive publicity HYPE
Class or type ILK
“This Is Us” network NBC
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