Universal Crossword Answers October 07, 2021

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Author: by David Van Houten


Worm’s dream home? APPLE
Type of poker STUD
Steam baths’ sites SPAS
Call dibs on CLAIM
Word after “base” or “belt” LINE
Faithful TRUE
Concert sponsored by d-CON? RATTPOISON
Place name on an Irish euro EIRE
I, in a rebus puzzle EYE
Back in the Navy? AFT
Polar mass ICECAP
DOJ division ATF
Like the Amazons FEMALE
Concert sponsored by Gorton’s? PHISHSTYX
Mattress company SERTA
Is in charge of RUNS
City, lake or tribe ERIE
It might have a dining car TRAIN
Tolkien creature hidden in “evergreen tree” ENT
NYC subway letters MTA
6-pt. plays TDS
Rebellion leader Turner NAT
Public tantrum SCENE
Largest First Nations group in Canada CREE
Shrek is one OGRE
Rip to pieces SHRED
Concert sponsored by Bisquick? KORNBREAD
Go by, as time ELAPSE
Soda can feature TAB
Skirmish TUSSLE
Elephant ___ (fried pastry) EAR
Clumsy person OAF
Wild about INTO
Performance starring two groups, perhaps … or a theme hint DOUBLEBILL
Where Eve lived EDEN
Part of 62-Down ARAB
Red or green dip SALSA
Eye parts that help with night vision RODS
Some jeans LEES
Late actress Cicely TYSON


Land measure ACRE
It may have five acts PLAY
Liver spread PATE
On, like a lamp LIT
One feels what others feel EMPATH
Open with a box cutter SLIT
“___ the season …” TIS
Game with Skip cards UNO
Durable fabric DENIM
Pittsburgh pro STEELER
$50-$100, e.g. PRICERANGE
New Age glow AURA
Flow slowly SEEP
Cancel out OFFSET
Unleashes, as a spell CASTS
Braying equine ASS
“Just a heads-up,” on a memo FYI
Prep school in New Hampshire EXETER
News media PRESS
Gut feeling HUNCH
Listening keenly, say INTERESTED
Sprinters’ venues TRACKS
Crown at a pageant TIARA
Joined a poker game ANTED
Olympic prize MEDAL
___ hygienist DENTAL
Full or half wrestling holds NELSONS
Salmon eggs ROE
Scepter topper ORB
Least decorated BAREST
Organ’s foot lever PEDAL
Row of seats TIER
Ctrl Z, on a PC UNDO
Fades away EBBS
Paints often made from linseed OILS
Caramel-coated custard FLAN
Raw mineral ORE
Expo 2020 Dubai’s country, briefly UAE
Body of water in two NFL teams’ names BAY
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