Universal Crossword Answers October 10, 2021

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Author: by Jesse Goldberg


Time line segment ERA
“Nothing’s broken” IMOK
Sci-fi epic set on Pandora AVATAR
Silent acknowledgment NOD
New parent’s choice NAME
Of the sea MARINE
State crustacean of Maryland BLUECRAB
Work with thread STITCH
Custard ingredient YOLK
Not suitable INAPT
Sound made in an escape room AHA
___ the waters TEST
Picky person at a bar BEERSNOB
Sound made in a sauna AHH
Buffoon OAF
Former TV series that featured much singing GLEE
Bibliophile’s group BOOKCLUB
Forgot, slangily SPACED
Con artist CROOK
Cleanse (of) RID
Savory taste UMAMI
More sorrowful SADDER
Show of puppy love? BELLYRUB
Votes in favor AYES
Filmmaker Anderson WES
Blog feed letters RSS
Car service that may stop a grinding noise BRAKEJOB
Leakes who was on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” NENE
___ room (place to play Ping-Pong) REC
Milky gemstones OPALS
Clued in about ONTO
Reunion attendees ALUMNI
Attack deceitfully BACKSTAB
Jai ___ ALAI
Had dim sum, perhaps ATE
Praises EXALTS
Engrossed RAPT
Install, as tile LAY


Phonetic term for a certain gender-fluid person ENBY
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Time to take responsibility ADULTHOOD
Forbes alternative INC
Like some vows MARITAL
Country ruled by the Al Busaidi dynasty OMAN
Skewered food KEBAB
Popular Dutch lagers AMSTELS
Large tub VAT
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Industry giant TITAN
Dried poblano pepper ANCHO
Athlete’s course of treatment REHAB
Just manage, with “out” EKE
Battleship game piece PEG
Red salmon SOCKEYE
Turn off big-time REPULSE
Disreputable SEAMY
Fundamentals ABCS
Circle dance from the Balkans HORA
Controversial coat material FUR
Pioneering photography brand KODAK
Runner’s identifier BIB
Budget offering? CARRENTAL
Outback birds EMUS
“I call it!” DIBS
Morning moisture DEW
Comes back for another stint REJOINS
Protective camera accessory LENSCAP
Word that surrounds “soak up” SOP
“___ yourself” (“This will be tough”) BRACE
Loosen up RELAX
Infiniti rival ACURA
Elephant of kiddie lit BABAR
Refusals NOS
___ land (dreamy state) LALA
“Ciao,” in England TATA
Comply OBEY
B or C of the Spice Girls MEL
Trapeze safety device NET
First-aid box KIT
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