Universal Crossword Answers October 11, 2021

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Author: by Jeremy Borison


Rainbows, for example ARCS
Like talking in a movie theater RUDE
Grain bundle SHEAF
Michael of “Juno” CERA
Youngest Stark daughter in “Game of Thrones” ARYA
Luxury Italian car, informally LAMBO
*Starting to encounter – ? = Situated alongside UPAGAINST
See 34-Down ARBOR
Like many a teenager’s skin OILY
Part of MOMA ART
Watch closely EYE
*Making a landing – ? = Like a genuine person DOWNTOEARTH
Single: Prefix MONO
Stench ODOR
Fixer-___ UPPER
X in a checkbox, e.g. MARK
Give five stars, say RATE
Lists of commands MENUS
Bygone Russian ruler TSAR
Tokyo 2020 sword EPEE
Travelers’ stops INNS
Desert refuge OASIS
See 56-Across TOWN
Ian McKellen and others, title-wise SIRS
*Movies that should be exciting – ? = Romantic feelings ATTRACTIONS
Cardinals, on scoreboards STL
With 45-Across, the Windy City CHI
Canines and others TEETH
LGBTQ milestone celebrated on October 11, or a hint to each starred clue’s missing word COMINGOUT
Nail polish brand ESSIE
Part of, as a joke INON
“At Wit’s End” author Bombeck ERMA
Dissuade DETER
It’s outstanding DEBT


Not right or obtuse ACUTE
“How can I ever ___ you?” REPAY
Container for fruit CRATE
Wise person SAGE
___ d’etre RAISON
Container for coffee URN
Vacuum brand DYSON
Face-plant EATIT
Killed it on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” SLAYED
Syllable after “hardy” HAR
Cancel, as a launch ABORT
Back’s counterpart FORTH
Takes a peek LOOKS
Group underrepresented in Congress WOMEN
Parts of hearts AORTAS
Shooting star, actually METEOR
Purpose USE
Coke, in certain regions POP
With 19-Across, home of the University of Michigan ANN
“Avengers: Endgame” co-director Anthony or Joe RUSSO
Mai ___ TAI
Workplaces for some RNs ERS
Chop, as garlic MINCE
Welles who directed “Citizen Kane” ORSON
Dryer’s companion WASHER
Skate variety INLINE
Performed in a show ACTED
“We hold ___ truths to be self-evident” THESE
Implied TACIT
Wry humor IRONY
Word following “App” or “Apple” STORE
Gardener’s “green” digit THUMB
Allow to attack LETAT
Like some wine and cheese AGED
Common tic-tac-toe result TIE
Cleaning tool MOP
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