Universal Crossword Answers October 17, 2020

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Author: by Allison Uttaro


___ Allan Poe EDGAR
Animal that rolls in mud PIG
Elitist SNOB
Disney heroine voiced by Auli’i Cravalho MOANA
Pride noise ROAR
Snarky reply to an insulting joke HAHA
Warrior toon’s red cosmetic? MULANROUGE
Greek’s Cupid EROS
“___ we there yet?” ARE
Pieces of advice TIPS
Shirts that may show some chest hair VNECKS
Deal (with) COPE
British bathrooms LOOS
Lock lips KISS
Mermaid toon’s picture? ARIELPHOTO
Late hours, informally NITE
Cushion PAD
Sheep’s sound BAA
Final word of the “Survivor” motto OUTLAST
Stock debut: Abbr. IPO
Bird that turns its head OWL
Movie-rating org. that was renamed MPAA
Naval navigation device SONAR
Book-loving toon’s tall building? BELLETOWER
Admit, with “up” FESS
Native people that the Beehive State is named after UTES
Put up online POST
Sports superstar PHENOM
What the 19th Amendment gives women the right to do VOTE
___ Dhabi ABU
Pulled a ding-dong ditch prank RANG
Disney “royalty,” and a theme hint PRINCESSES
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
Greasy OILY
State known as Vacationland MAINE
Growth on a rock MOSS
Emerald or jade GEM
Sports fan’s data, informally STATS


Actress and gender equality advocate Watson EMMA
Gloomy DOUR
Strong wind GALE
Santa ___ ANA
Totaled RANTO
Appropriate, as manners PROPER
Payment promises IOUS
(That tastes nasty!) GAG
Exasperated cry SHEESH
DEA employee NARC
“Well, all right” OHOK
Low choir voice BASS
Rises up against a ruler REVOLTS
Daytime TV host Kelly RIPA
Rule for some apartments NOPETS
Former show featuring DNA tests CSI
Luke’s sister LEIA
Skewered food: Var. KABOB
Amazed INAWE
Delay deliberately STALL
Husband’s parent, say INLAW
Weigh in OPINE
Kind of bar that anagrams to “pasta” TAPAS
They stink ODORS
Regain consciousness COMETO
Fast-paced UPTEMPO
New Mexico art colony TAOS
Frequently, to a poet OFT
Quadriceps exercises LUNGES
Marcel Bich, for Bic EPONYM
Coll. military program ROTC
Appears to be SEEMS
Dance for teens PROM
Angel’s ring HALO
Aglets, for shoelaces ENDS
Continent with 49 U.N. member states ASIA
Out of shape? BENT
Functions USES
Fix badly? RIG
Relaxed in an easy chair SAT
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