Universal Crossword Answers October 18, 2020

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Author: by Paul Coulter


The Kennedys, e.g. CLAN
Completely committed INDEEP
“___ keep you posted!” ILL
Distinctive glow AURA
More loved DEARER
“Who, me?” MOI
*Venomous reptile that may consume a rodent (see letters 1 to 3) RATTLESNAKE
Little dog, for short POM
Least free, schedule-wise BUSIEST
Stick together CLUMP
Big wine holder VAT
Make fit TAILOR
Propelled a Viking ship OARED
*Prickly animal that may consume bark (6 to 9) PORCUPINE
Carrot, e.g. ROOT
Did damage to HARMED
Spanish for “aunt” TIA
Person who cleans coats? GROOMER
Patching (together) PIECING
Store convenience, for short ATM
Contributes ADDSIN
Command to a tugging dog HEEL
*Farm female that may consume a grain (7 to 9) NANNYGOAT
“Siddhartha” author HESSE
Like a flexible straw, initially UNBENT
Go after legally SUE
Mann with two Grammys AIMEE
Bullfight, in Spain CORRIDA
Easy tennis shot LOB
Purportedly additive-free fare, or what the indicated letters are for the starred answers? NATURALFOOD
Be behind on bills OWE
Pearl source OYSTER
“Do ___ others …” UNTO
Attention, metaphorically EAR
Homes on the range TEPEES
Scottish girl LASS


Atkins diet restriction CARB
Hilo feast LUAU
Song and dance? ARTS
Originating from NATIVETO
That is, in Latin IDEST
Home that may be “empty” NEST
Newsperson Rather DAN
Softball pitcher’s stat ERA
“A spider!” EEK
Make impossible PRECLUDE
Foreign matter IMPURITIES
Come into view menacingly LOOM
Like an old carrot LIMP
Detective’s need LEAD
Chop off LOP
City abbr. that drops “onto” TOR
Secret place? ARMPIT
Strand at a ski lodge, say ICEIN
Eye, for one ORGAN
Major blood carrier AORTA
Key thing for a hotel guest to know ROOMNUMBER
“Come again?” PARDON
Dressed to the ___ NINES
Bird known for its vision EAGLE
___ your bets HEDGE
“Perhaps I was wrong” MAYBENOT
Opposite of gloomy CHEERFUL
Plopped down SAT
Dir. hidden in “Johannesburg” NNE
Fling or sling HURL
Really takes off SOARS
Popular succulent ALOE
State where “Field of Dreams” is set IOWA
Alberta tribe CREE
College in New Rochelle IONA
Big bothers ADOS
Affirmative vote AYE
Cooking meas. TSP
Colorado native UTE
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