Universal Crossword Answers October 19, 2020

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Author: by Daniel Patrick Scott


“___ has it …” RUMOR
Imitated APED
Polite address with an apostrophe MAAM
’00s skating champion Ohno APOLO
Hunter’s quarry GAME
Competitor of Vogue ELLE
Movie title that could be interpreted as “driving northeast toward Cleveland”? GOODBYECOLUMBUS
Famous last word END
Switch’s partner BAIT
Wanders ROAMS
Stickers? PINS
Nativity trio MAGI
… “driving south from Canada”? COMINGTOAMERICA
Zodiac ram ARIES
Prompted CUED
Emcee’s device MIC
Sheep farm sounds BAAS
Admit to a college LETIN
Unyielding FIRM
Mahomes’ try: Abbr. ATT
Long story SAGA
Chocolate unit in a recipe OUNCE
… “driving northwest toward Reno”? LEAVINGLASVEGAS
Chopping tools AXES
“The ___ of life is living in agreement with nature” (Zeno) GOAL
Loud racket NOISE
Sail supporter MAST
Source of 36-Across EWE
… “driving east from Pakistan”? APASSAGETOINDIA
Star whose name anagrams to “gave” VEGA
You might follow one outside PATH
Final bios OBITS
Teen sensation IDOL
“Guilty” or “not guilty” PLEA
Smart and stylish NATTY


Current craze RAGE
“It Came ___ the Midnight Clear” UPON
Word before “lighting” or “swing” MOOD
Antiquated OLD
Baskin’s partner ROBBINS
Advocate of forced retirement, maybe AGEIST
Treaty PACT
Introspective music genre EMO
It borders Penn. DEL
Personal narrative MEMOIR
Jessica who played Invisible Woman ALBA
Many a college donor, briefly ALUM
Hot ___ (disaster) MESS
2020 candidate who proposed a universal basic income YANG
Exhorted URGED
Mrs. Smith’s desserts PIES
Hawaii’s “Valley Isle” MAUI
“Well said!” AMEN
Scheming group CABAL
Speechify ORATE
Mazda roadster MIATA
In base eight OCTAL
Chatting online IMING
Indicator of uncertainty when dating? CIRCA
Zeniths ACMES
Narrow road LANE
___ Benedict EGGS
Uranium, for a nuclear reactor FUEL
They’re at the bottoms of clocks SIXES
Enthusiastic applause OVATION
Feudal tenant VASSAL
Christie who created Poirot AGATHA
Neytiri, e.g., in “Avatar” NAVI
Column from a guest contributor, often OPED
“Othello” villain IAGO
Dole (out) METE
Make less wordy, say EDIT
’80s skating champion Katarina WITT
Straightforward EASY
GasBuddy, for one APP
___ pal GAL
Org. for Hawks and Pelicans NBA
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