Universal Crossword Answers October 26, 2021

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Author: by Keith Johnston


Bound to experience INFOR
Condition symptomized by distractibility, briefly ADHD
Italian home of a famous tower PISA
French river by a famous tower SEINE
Word before “admiral” or “axle” REAR
What downtrodden troops could use? MOREMORALE
Earl Grey and orange pekoe TEAS
Sex drive LIBIDO
Contrive evidence against FRAME
One on the run FUGITIVE
“Just Do It,” for example SLOGAN
Soon, to Juliet ANON
Members of a circus, say? TENTTALENT
Dressed to the ___ NINES
French fashion house DIOR
Like an operating room, ideally STERILE
The original sin city? SODOM
Goat group announcer? HERDHERALD
Helvetica or Times New Roman FONT
Prevents from happening AVERTS
Great conductors MAESTROS
Sister of Serena Williams VENUS
Do over, as a test RETAKE
Not in favor of ANTI
Excellent ending? FINEFINALE
Something essential NEED
Plays a part, or a play’s parts ACTS
Team race RELAY
Puts two and two together, perhaps ADDS
Relaxation’s partner REST


Suffix for “social” or “capital” ISM
Keanu’s “Matrix” character NEO
Christmas conifer FIR
Succinct joke ONELINER
Send payment REMIT
Show up ARRIVE
Cul-de-sac DEADEND
Ring up? HALO
Nickname that rhymes with “Trey” DRE
Keep regular watch over PATROL
Period when glaciers advance ICEAGE
Certain sailor SEAMAN
Death notice, briefly OBIT
Blazing signals FLARES
Some are groupies FANS
Part of a curriculum UNIT
Vanished GONE
Store under the seat, say STOW
Spanish aunt TIA
Tourist attractions SIGHTS
“Big Little ___” (2017-19 TV show) LIES
Make a mistake ERR
Laundry additive that coats a fabric’s fibers SOFTENER
Reason to say “P-U!” ODOR
Pre-stereo MONO
They train less than paramedics: Abbr. EMTS
Cuban capital HAVANA
Tied up, as the score EVENED
Ancient Celtic priests DRUIDS
Up-to-the-minute LATEST
Like Beethoven, in his later years DEAF
Alternative to pants SKIRT
Domestic Policy Council director Susan RICE
Not near FAR
Wong of stand-up ALI
Back muscle, in gym slang LAT
___ shadow EYE
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