Universal Crossword Answers October 27, 2021

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Author: by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano


Goals AIMS
Sound of disgust UGH
Worshipper of Jah RASTA
Seemingly emotionless sort STOIC
Born as NEE
Shining AGLOW
Paul, in Italy PAOLO
Get busy, as a bee POLLINATE
Pointless NOUSE
Moral trajectory that bends toward justice, per Martin Luther King Jr. ARC
“The end is ___!” NIGH
Conan’s network until 2021 TBS
Henhouse perches ROOSTS
As high as UPTO
Tito Puente’s “___ Como Va” OYE
Have a cow? CALVE
(May I have some milk?) MEOW
Infuriate VEX
French for “love” AMOUR
Make up one’s mind OPT
Wedding attendee GUEST
Comfy room DEN
Voiced SAID
Way to serve pastrami ONRYE
Dreyer’s partner in ice cream EDY
Civil rights activist Baker ELLA
Masthead title EDITOR
Prefix with “angle” or “cycle” TRI
Dog’s space to exercise YARD
Fifth-century nomad HUN
Dealt with bumps in the road? REPAVED
Oreo filling CREME
“Almost ready!” INAMINUTE
Skewered meat dish SATAY
Negative person CYNIC
“C’mon, be a ___!” PAL
Bicycle wheel part SPOKE
Score that beats a birdie EAGLE
Period of note ERA
Lovers’ quarrel SPAT


Snake that bit Cleopatra ASP
“Let’s call ___ day” ITA
*Fictional lunar settlement MOONCOLONY
Farm storage spot SILO
Remove, as a wooden pin UNPEG
Start to cache? GEO
Leader’s metaphorical spot HELM
*Iris, in Greek myth RAINBOWGODDESS
French New Wave director Varda AGNES
Kill it, in drag lingo SLAY
Bag at a bookstore TOTE
Truly impressed AWED
*Fast-casual restaurants offer it COUNTERSERVICE
Ball game? LOTTO
Palindromic sib SIS
Place to play “Street Fighter” ARCADE
Meandered ROAMED
*Work week’s midpoint HUMPDAY
Crime show starring Ice-T, for short SVU
Dog or guinea pig PET
Wildly exaggerated, or a hint to two words that can precede each starred answer’s start OVERTHETOP
Response to “Who, me?” YESYOU
Medical student at a hospital, e.g. EXTERN
“Black gold” OIL
Sea urchin in sushi UNI
Being from another planet ALIEN
Go astray ERR
Language spoken in Sri Lanka TAMIL
High-speed Amtrak train ACELA
Arborio or basmati RICE
“Orinoco Flow” singer ENYA
Sudden feeling of guilt PANG
Scam artist’s victim DUPE
Atlas contents MAPS
Roofing material TAR
T’Challa, ___ Black Panther AKA
As of today YET
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