Universal Crossword Answers October 28, 2021

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Author: by Adam Simpson


One may have more than 10 items LIST
Trace of flavor HINT
“Enough!” in Ecuador NOMAS
Norway’s most populous city OSLO
Grapelike berry ACAI
Put in the paper PRINT
Bob Marley, religiously RASTA
Longtime Chevy named for an antelope IMPALA
Brooklyn ___, N.Y. HTS
Coop female HEN
“I’m outta here!” SEEYA
Mix that might include polyester WOOLBLEND
Time card nos. HRS
“Paper Planes” rapper MIA
Seoul proprietors, say? KOREANS
Mare or stallion, to a child HORSY
Where the Taj Mahal is AGRA
Recites the Quran, for example WORSHIPSGOD
“Go away!” SHOO
Exploding stars NOVAS
Spinning ride at Disneyland TEACUPS
Tiny pencil NUB
Word often added to the five W’s HOW
Yemeni’s neighbor OMANI
Suffix for “winning” EST
“Brokeback Mountain” director Lee ANG
Signals to enter CUESIN
Type face? EMOJI
Beach debris, or a clue to the word that moves through 17-, 25-, 35- and 47-Across DRIFTWOOD
Beachy title of Fiona Apple’s debut album TIDAL
Nevada city near California RENO
Debussy’s “Clair de ___” LUNE
Make a face SCOWL
Uses one of the five W’s ASKS
River that didn’t touch Achilles’ heel STYX


Not great, as an offer LOWISH
Chemical relative ISOMER
Hit the ___ (go skiing) SLOPES
The present TODAY
Hosp. area ICU
Chip at a Super Bowl party NACHO
Trendy video-sharing app TIKTOK
“Tiny Desk Concerts” station NPR
British pop star Rita ORA
Interpreted “All of you” as “I love you,” perhaps MISHEARD
“Rabbit ears” on an old TV ANTENNA
Places to sit, ironically STANDS
___-mo SLO
Even outcome WASH
Gloat over BRAGABOUT
Bricks that purists don’t pluralize LEGOS
Tax refund org. IRS
Illegal booze HOOCH
Yang’s counterpart YIN
Question posed while pondering a dilemma WHATTODO
Koi habitat POND
“Law & Order” spin-off, for short SVU
Caused by an earthquake SEISMIC
Posts that may contain “@” TWEETS
School bake sale org. PTA
Name that anagrams to “adorns” SONDRA
Is borrowing, as a library book HASOUT
Like a pungent dip ONIONY
Surface cleaner brand WINDEX
Shrek and Fiona OGRES
Whimpers MEWLS
Corp. cash controllers CFOS
Molar holder JAW
___-tempered ILL
Printer cartridge filler INK
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