Universal Crossword Answers September 13, 2020

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Author: by Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners


Actor Baldwin ALEC
Ancient OLD
Submits, as a blog comment POSTS
When repeated, island near Tahiti BORA
Band such as Green Day TRIO
Picture-perfect IDEAL
Concession at a Denver football game, as some spell it? BRONCOSOMELETTE
Answer to “Who, me?” YESYOU
Foam ball maker NERF
Used to own HAD
How some music is stored ONCD
Hair gunk GEL
Concession at a Florida hockey game? PANTHERSORANGE
Uproar FUSS
Track competition MEET
Apt-sounding name for a manicurist? EMORY
Start of a return address? IRS
Tennis great Roger FEDERER
Compete VIE
Planet Express captain in “Futurama” LEELA
At any point EVER
Soccer practice warmups LAPS
Concession at a New York baseball game? METSCHEESECAKE
Patel of “Slumdog Millionaire” DEV
Discontinued Swedish car SAAB
Lifelong bud BFF
Record for later TAPE
Fantasy creature that’s lucky in Chinese culture DRAGON
Concession at a Boston basketball game? CELTICSCREAMPIE
Workers’ comp submission CLAIM
Emulate an eagle SOAR
Forbids BANS
Fashion sense STYLE
Palindromic explosive TNT
Requests ASKS


“Dear” advice columnist ABBY
Myths and such LORE
Mythological bow wielder EROS
Great depressions? CANYONS
Alternative conjunctions ORS
Disney’s “The ___ King” LION
One may be geodesic DOME
Stealthy thief PILFERER
Poetic homage ODE
Meyers of late night SETH
Winter transport SLED
1968 Doors hit TOUCHME
Bottom-of-page abbr. CONT
Therefore ERGO
Myers of politics DEEDEE
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Blender setting PUREE
Liability’s opposite ASSET
Christopher who played Superman REEVE
Cause of stiff shoulders, perhaps STRESS
Tennis great Djokovic NOVAK
Complaint GRIPE
Windows to the soul, it’s said EYES
Analog camera’s need FILM
iPhone app that uses the camera FACETIME
Kindle, say EREADER
Drug that causes trips LSD
Ritchie Valens classic LABAMBA
Temperature control syst. HVAC
Singer Alessia or Irene CARA
Secretly emails BCCS
Blackjack table material FELT
Chef Bobby FLAY
Note passer’s summons PSST
Macro or micro subj. ECON
Major or minor stats GPAS
Sty squeal OINK
Loch ___ NESS
Up to, briefly TIL
Sewer animal RAT
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