Universal Crossword Answers September 15, 2021

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Join together SPLICE
“War and Peace,” for one SAGA
Not well-lit DIM
One giving a speech ORATOR
___ or false TRUE
Music genre associated with black eyeliner EMO
*Completely immoral supervisor? BASEMANAGER
Financing letters APR
Metallic fabric LAME
Burden ONUS
Bad throw at a casino CRAP
Like the wolf in a fairy tale BIG
*Weaving instructor? BASKETCOACH
Irritates ANNOYS
Points of view SLANTS
Like some people who read closed captions DEAF
Tightly stretched TAUT
Vessels with spigots URNS
*Some under-the-table flirting? FOOTGAMES
Maker of Thick & Fluffy waffles EGGO
Wyatt of the Wild West EARP
Actress Sorkin ARLEEN
Closer, in a guessing game WARMER
*Evidently fake jewel? SOFTDIAMOND
Slippery, as a street ICY
Pixar movie with talking vehicles CARS
Sporty auto roof TTOP
Angel costume headwear HALO
___-man band ONE
Mess up … and a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 50-Across DROPTHEBALL
Lead role in “How I Met Your Mother” TED
Last number in many prices NINE
“Am not!” response ARETOO
Popular show letters SRO
High cards in royal flushes ACES
Yards’ relatives METERS


___ story (sad-sounding tale) SOB
Nutty confection PRALINE
Layered pasta dish LASAGNA
Something in your cart ITEM
Make a visit COMEBY
Notable span ERA
Was surrounded by wavy lines, in a comic STANK
Quarrel ARGUE
Party attendees GUESTS
___ Lingus AER
Start of a letter to a longtime advice columnist DEARANN
Influences IMPACTS
Shape-shifts MORPHS
Thumbs-down votes NOS
More like sea salt than iodized salt COARSER
Like the wolf in a fairy tale BAD
Regarding, in a memo ASTO
“Regarding, in a memo” or “Counterbalances” CLUE
Counterbalances OFFSETS
Enjoyed a buffet ATE
Big name in boots UGG
“You’re it!” TAG
Certain column in the paper OPED
Like freshly cut grass MOWN
Dad joke, e.g. GROANER
Sauce for fettucine ALFREDO
“Has the meeting started?” AMILATE
Change the hue of RECOLOR
Inquire nosily PRY
Broad neckties ASCOTS
Kind of acid in fertilizers NITRIC
Stick (to) ADHERE
Make amends ATONE
Shuffles around aimlessly, say MOPES
Decide OPT
Words before and after “is” ABET
Ancestry.com test subject DNA
Spiral-cut meat HAM
___ Altos, California LOS
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