Universal Crossword Answers September 16, 2021

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Author: by Paul Coulter


Common fast-food side order FRIES
So far ASYET
Backstabber RAT
Middle meal LUNCH
Montoya in “The Princess Bride” INIGO
“A likely story!” HAH
Inedible fruit that surprisingly isn’t a citrus OSAGEORANGE
Anger IRE
Cleopatra’s snake ASP
Bit of aerobic exercise STEP
Up-and-coming whiz PHENOM
“Let’s see you do better!” TOPTHIS
Split, like a hoof CLOVEN
“For ___ a Jolly Good Fellow” HES
Former legal drama that starred Susan Dey LALAW
Howled BAYED
Metaphor for a potential crisis LANDMINE
Extol LAUD
Line with triangles, on a weather map FRONT
Before long, to a poet ANON
Become established TAKEROOT
The way things are going TREND
Track shapes OVALS
Big name in outdoor gear REI
New York NBA team KNICKS
Pooh’s pink pal PIGLET
Monotonous routines RUTS
One may be short-sleeved TEE
John, in England LOO
Contents of some palettes … or what 17-Across, 11-Down and 31-Down could be, given that their starts are rivers? WATERCOLORS
Bird that hoots OWL
High up ALOFT
Not throw away, say REUSE
Person celebrated in June DAD
Abominable snowmen YETIS
Construction spots SITES


Ice-cream treat served with a straw FLOAT
Rene of “Ransom” RUSSO
Like “Candy Crush” purchases INAPP
Heart record, for short ECG
Relative of a man cave SHESHED
Buenos ___ AIRES
Lose your temper SNAP
Yang’s counterpart YIN
Baba ghanoush ingredient EGGPLANT
Initial bit of progress TOEHOLD
Drink such as liebfraumilch RHINEWINE
Composer Copland AARON
Not us THEM
Elevator pioneer OTIS
Saint of Hollywood EVAMARIE
Extended family CLAN
Its first letter doesn’t stand for “bread” BLT
Battery size AAA
Potato variety developed in Canada YUKONGOLD
You may bid or build on it LOT
Oui’s opposite NON
No ___ in sight END
“Pecos Bill” or “Paul Bunyan” FOLKTALE
“Friends” character with a Ph.D. ROSS
Saratoga or Daytona RACEWAY
Stretching muscles TENSORS
Campus military org. ROTC
Southern Plains native KIOWA
What the truth does, per Lizzo HURTS
“I’m a little teapot/Short and ___” STOUT
Brusque TERSE
Affirmatives YESES
Trudge PLOD
Mortgage change, for short REFI
Pampered one? TOT
Fragrant neckwear LEI
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