Universal Crossword Answers September 17, 2021

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Author: by Alex Eaton-Salners


“Ditto” SOAMI
Monitor for TV? FCC
Persuasive assignment ESSAY
Company in a 2001 fraud scandal ENRON
Evian, par exemple EAU
Hot, frothy drink LATTE
*Leslie Odom Jr.’s Tony-winning “Hamilton” role AARONBURR
Goryeo Dynasty’s land, once KOREA
Roofer’s supply TAR
Deviate from the script ADLIB
Popular site for a stud EAR
Latin epic poem AENEID
*Marine plant that grows in beds EELGRASS
Word after “jet” or “time” LAG
Paleo’s opposite NEO
“___ the way you think” ILIKE
Soft lock TRESS
Places for sweaters? SAUNAS
Like some tape … and each starred clue’s answer, based on its first and last two letters? DOUBLESIDED
They may have creaky boards FLOORS
Stonehenge worshipper DRUID
Mandolin’s kin SITAR
Regret RUE
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
*Rib cook-off need BBQGRILL
Some weight lifters CRANES
Devour EAT
Ivory and Irish Spring products SOAPS
___ Peter to pay Paul ROB
Activist Thunberg GRETA
*License to drill? DDSDEGREE
Fire-setting crime ARSON
Ernie of golf ELS
Exposed as a fraud, e.g. OUTED
Waiting in the wings, perhaps NOTON
Actor’s workplace SET
Jawaharlal in Indian history NEHRU


___ otter SEA
Experiencing great success ONATEAR
Like some marriages ARRANGED
“G.I. Jane” star Demi MOORE
Cozy stopover INN
Prolonged quarrel FEUD
“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” author Eric CARLE
Marie who was the first winner of two Nobel Prizes CURIE
Grand Teton beast ELK
___ Tome and Principe SAO
Run out of pants? STREAK
“Relax,” to a drill instructor ATEASE
Many moons YEARS
Said, as a farewell BADE
Russian pancakes BLINI
PC key that modifies other keys’ functions ALT
Narrow-minded INSULAR
Comparatively pleased GLADDER
Choir platform RISER
Nobel Peace Center’s home OSLO
First sound in “Georgia” SOFTG
___ Lingus (Irish carrier) AER
Cold War initials USSR
Yeltsin of the 37-Down BORIS
Straight up? DUENORTH
Brew that’s frozen during production ICEBEER
Cinco menos tres DOS
Pizza Hut competitor SBARRO
Exam for an aspiring Mensan IQTEST
Sch. in La Jolla UCSD
Started BEGAN
Gold deposits, perhaps LODES
Big spoon, of a sort LADLE
Have a dispute ARGUE
Vowelless summons PSST
Excessively TOO
___ Arbor ANN
Many, many moons EON
End of Brown’s URL EDU
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