Universal Crossword Answers September 24, 2021

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Author: by Prasanna Keshava


___ ghanoush BABA
“Desus & Mero” network, for short SHO
Loud kiss SMACK
Letters in an urgent request ASAP
PC brand ACER
Use for a snooze LIEON
Chance to accompany a firefighter RIDEALONG
Between, in Paris ENTRE
Sheep sound BAA
Celine whose first and last initials are apt? DION
One absorbs things quickly SPONGE
Path toward redemption COMEBACKTRAIL
Blemish on a shirt STAIN
Luau garlands LEIS
Nasal noise SNORT
Like an even match? DRAWN
Awesome, to the Beatles FAB
Broadcasts AIRS
Captivates GRIPS
The Big Easy, in brief NOLA
Modern driving aid: Abbr. GPS
Laborious undertakings SLOGS
Comes to room temperature, say COOLS
Ollie’s pal in classic comedy STAN
Temple honoree DEITY
Gem from a farm CULTUREDPEARL
Tie in a low-scoring game ONEONE
Slippery swimmers EELS
Praise in verse ODE
It can come after “tea” or “table” SPOON
Up to speed, and like all but four bookending letters of 16-, 22- or 41-Across INTHELOOP
Trace of color TINGE
Berry whose name is 75% vowels ACAI
The Irish Sea’s ___ of Man ISLE
Sinister smile SNEER
Org. for Penguins and Sharks NHL
Brazilian soccer great PELE


Wire fence feature BARB
Bengaluru’s continent ASIA
Troublemakers BADACTORS
King Kong, for one APE
2020 movie about a cartoon canine SCOOB
Dye used for a bridal tattoo HENNA
URL ending for a nonprofit ORG
Ignored the alarm SLEPTIN
People who are under 18 MINORS
Health insurance giant AETNA
Welsh ___ (dog breed) CORGI
Prepare to pray, perhaps KNEEL
Extraterrestrial ALIEN
Let in, or let on ADMIT
Biases SKEWS
Rowboat propellers OARS
Is polite after a boring play CLAPS
Sound heard at a salon SNIP
Droop SAG
High-tech photography gadget DRONE
Fix, as a gambling game RIG
1984 movie set in a town with a ban on dancing FOOTLOOSE
Friend in battle ALLY
Common undergrad degrees BAS
Night driving hazard GLARE
Pinot ___ NOIR
Something shocking STUNNER
Discontinue CEASE
Fall guy STOOGE
New ___, India DELHI
Expenses COSTS
Detach, like a corsage UNPIN
Sierra ___ (African country) LEONE
“As Time Goes By” actress Judi DENCH
“She loves me not” flower part PETAL
Tiny house resident? DOLL
Sporting sword EPEE
Fleming who created James Bond IAN
Sass LIP
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