Universal Crossword Answers September 25, 2022

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Author: by Drew Schmenner


Muppet with a talk show ELMO
Group of schemers CABAL
One lasts 1,408 hours on Mercury DAY
Closes in on NEARS
American landmark to remember? ALAMO
Prefix with “center” EPI
Wiggle room? DANCESTUDIO
Orangutan, for one APE
Reeves in “The Matrix” KEANU
More, in Spanish MAS
“___ be OK” ITLL
Noodle about as thick as spaghetti SOBA
Escape room? SHESHED
Non-earthlings, briefly ETS
Littlest piggies RUNTS
Sweet potato YAM
Quick snack BITE
Messenger molecule RNA
Tasted or tested TRIED
Guiding beliefs ETHOS
Mr. Spock’s pointed feature EAR
Angelic aura HALO
One billion years, officially EON
“Piece of cake” or “pie in the sky” IDIOM
Like an awesome party LIT
Press room? HOMEGYM
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
They’re exchanged at weddings IDOS
Trains to Wrigley Field ELS
Ballet skirts TUTUS
Inconsequential flaw NIT
Cutting room? BEAUTYSALON
Prominent dad bod feature GUT
Houston ballplayer ASTRO
Punk relative EMO
Jean Valjean’s crime THEFT
Smoothie shop green KALE


Final chapter, say END
Pipe puncture LEAK
Feature of Simba but not Nala MANE
Killer whales ORCAS
47-Down predator CAT
Reunion attendee, for short ALUM
Incredible person, slangily BADASS
Pennsylvania sect AMISH
Bathroom, across the pond LOO
Genre for Possessed DEATHMETAL
Mac maker APPLE
Word on a triangular street sign YIELD
Herr : German :: ___ : Spanish SENOR
City surroundings SUBURBS
Old Testament prophet whose name has four vowels ISAIAH
___ Domini ANNO
“Jane ___” (Bronte novel) EYRE
Counterpart of flow EBB
One of 100 in Scrabble TILE
New Hampshire’s “Live Free or Die,” e.g. STATEMOTTO
Strained TAXED
Reverberates ECHOES
Like a husky voice THROATY
Cold cuts seller DELI
King ___ (movie monster) KONG
Follow surreptitiously TAIL
Go bad ROT
Words said while rushing off IMLATE
Squeaky household pest MOUSE
Door joint HINGE
Hatred ODIUM
“Oof, that’s terrible!” YEESH
Barren STARK
Ride a wave SURF
Wrist-elbow connector ULNA
Brown supply for one with a green thumb SOIL
Slugger’s implement BAT
Little one TOT
Jennifer Affleck, ___ Lopez NEE
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