Universal Crossword Answers September 28, 2021

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Author: by Emily Carroll


“The Little Red Hen” denial NOTI
Touch on ABUT
Lion in 2015 headlines CECIL
Accrue, as interest EARN
It’s a wrap in Bollywood SARI
___ acid (protein part) AMINO
Channels of information that women share privately WHISPERNETWORKS
Underlying meaning SUBTEXT
“Help!” SOS
Long-running CBS drama CSI
“The Problem With ___” (film named for a “Simpsons” character) APU
Orca appendage FIN
Destruction RUIN
In the style of ALA
1989 rom-com about an underachiever and a valedictorian SAYANYTHING
Most optimal BEST
Word after “power” or “strong” SUIT
“How unfortunate” SOSAD
First name of two Spice Girls MEL
Garden creature GNOME
Upscale hotel chain OMNI
Canola ___ OIL
Couple’s pronoun OURS
Actress typecast in slasher flicks SCREAMQUEEN
Have a little liquid SIP
Conical items at birthday parties HATS
Place PUT
Roadside purchase GAS
It has a humerus and a funny bone ARM
Perceive SEE
File away ARCHIVE
Revealing a lot, or a theme hint SPEAKINGVOLUMES
Dance that takes two TANGO
Henhouse COOP
Canvas cover TARP
Fine-tune HONE
Picture of health? SCAN


It may be breaking NEWS
Diamond Head’s island OAHU
Chi-Town paper, with “The” TRIB
App for sharing pics INSTA
Rail system that serves S.F. BART
Caterer’s dispenser URN
Has a marketing connection TIESIN
Ravens’ calls CAWS
Angsty music genre EMO
Finishes, like a tattoo INKSIN
Behind on points LOSING
Livens (up) PEPS
“Jagged Little Pill” was nominated for 15 in 2020 TONYS
Slowly disappear FADEOUT
Heavy charger, for short? RHINO
Planking targets ABS
It comes before Virgo LEO
Orange or purple vegetable YAM
___-of-war TUG
Makes less feral TAMES
Chromosome molecule DNA
Whopper LIE
Noninvasive hosp. procedure MRI
Clairvoyant’s claim: Abbr. ESP
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Surfer’s tether LEGROPE
Soda brand named for a California peak SHASTA
Relating to the wristbones CARPAL
Satisfy, as one’s thirst QUENCH
Salt, in the lab NACL
Closes SHUTS
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Cosmetics giant AVON
Apple desktop IMAC
Designer Wang VERA
“Monday Night Football” broadcaster ESPN
Improve in a wine cellar, maybe AGE
Sticky stuff GOO
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